Sand Verbena and Desert Lilies

Sand Verbena and Desert Lily. Amboy Crater. Mojave Desert, California2008 was an interesting year for desert wildflowers. A few areas – including Amboy Crater (shown here) – received a lot of winter rain, while other locations that typically flower were absent of wildflowers.

I referred to Spring 2008 as the “Year of Desert Lilies”, as I cannot ever recall seeing them as widespread and plentiful throughout the desert as I did in 2008. I’m hoping for another awesome spring.

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8 thoughts on “Sand Verbena and Desert Lilies

  1. Count on you to make a flower image dark and enigmatic. This really evokes a unique blend of emotions and thoughts, as a true work of art should.


  2. Wow – gorgeous light on a major collection of flowers in the desert. Your effort to find this place in this light was really worth it. For me, the diagonals really make the image besides the other factors. Bravo!

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