Sierra Wave over Xinet

The office of Xinet, Inc. Berkeley, CA

The office of Xinet, Inc. Berkeley, CA

Xinet® Inc. recently installed a 24×30″ print of my photograph Sierra Wave Over Mt. Tom in their Berkeley, California office. Xinet® Inc. has been a leading developer of high-performance server software applications for graphics and media professionals. With North American headquarters in Berkeley, California, and a European office in Munich, Germany, the company has built a loyal customer base among the world’s top advertising agencies, retailers, printers, publishers and corporations.

Art is rarely bought on a whim, and Xinet’s purchase of Sierra Wave Over Mt. Tom was no exception. Kathleen at Xinet explains:

When I saw the Sierra Wave I knew it could be perfect. We are based in California, our CEO is a hang glider and is always checking the clouds over Mt. Tamalpais from our west-facing windows and often in the evening the ‘Sunset Review Board’ (ie whoever’s working late) gathers in the lunch room for end of the day adult beverages! Also, the company used to be called Mt. Xinu and the logo was an image of overlapping purple mountains. So this is more than just something nice to put in the lobby that matches the furniture, I think it resonates with who we are.

Kathleen reports that the “photograph has gotten lots of great comments and makes the reception area feel so much warmer“. It’s a genuine thrill to hear this, Kathleen! Thank you and Xinet.

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