The Contentious Sunrise Rock, Mojave National Preserve

Sunrise Rock, Mojave National Preserve

The Mojave National Preserve has made big news this week, as the Supreme Court ruled that the Christian cross sitting atop Sunrise Rock does not violate separation of church and state. It is clearly a very complicated case, but until a six foot tall Darwin Fish can be erected next to the cross, it should come down. Although I was raised a Catholic, today my church is what we call “wilderness” and my deities are the coyotes and ravens that call it home. These are public lands (National Park lands, mind you) that belong to ALL Americans, and lo and behold, we’re not all members of the same church.

What do YOU think?

The plywood that currently hides the cross is blank; the text has been added during post-production. This photograph can be licensed for editorial use. Please contact Michael for information.

BREAKING NEWS! 11 May 2010: The Mojave Memorial Cross atop Sunrise Rock was removed and stolen on 10 May 2010!!

Update: 13 May 2010: Chris Clarke shares his rational and well-considered views on “a couple of sticks” at his Coyote Crossing blog. As Chris writes, ironically: “The cross itself was desecration of a sacred place.”

Update: 14 May 2010: The plot thickens: “Anonymous letter explaining cross theft sent to Desert Dispatch”. You can read that letter HERE.

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