Special Discount Offers in 2011

Despite being several years deep into our economic recession, the end does not appear near, and many are still without work long after having lost their jobs. We’re still deeply entrenched in a time where folks must weigh food for their families over photographs for their walls.

On a relative track, I recently received an email from James from Pennsylvania, who now owns two of my 8″ Mini-Prints. He had this to say:

Thank you for offering the lower priced open edition prints. I’m an amateur photographer and a lover of photography and with a young family, mortgage, etc. There isn’t a ton of money for purchasing original work from photographers, but it’s folks like you, Brooks Jensen, and Mike Johnston over at The Online Photographer with his print offers that make it possible for a lot of us who normally wouldn’t have access to good photography to amass small collections and enjoy the work as a daily part of out lives.”

After reading James’s message, I realized that I could go even further towards helping others own and collect my work. I will not be raising my prices in 2011 (nor did I in 2010), and effective January 1, 2011, all Mini-Print purchases can now be applied as a discount toward the future purchase of any Limited Edition print (maximum discount per Limited Edition print is $39). Similarly, if you buy one of my high quality posters for $25, I’ll also apply that $25 towards the future purchase of any Limited Edition print (maximum discount per Limited Edition print for poster purchases is $25). To take advantage of this offer, you’ll first need to buy a Mini-Print or Poster!

Not only can you now own more of my work for less dollars, it’s also a great way to “test drive” the quality of my photographs, prints, and finishing prior to committing a greater number of dollars to a larger purchase. Thanks for looking and shopping!

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