Photograph: Sliver

Late afternoon canyon light illuminates a rocky outcrop of California Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus cylindraceus). Joshua Tree National Park, California.

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6 thoughts on “Photograph: Sliver

  1. Michael,
    Silver is a wonderful photograph with lots of detail. Question, did you consider toning down the rock that on the right in the top third? At first glance my eye sees that rock first before traveling down to the barrel cactus.
    Maybe that’s what you want the viewer to see.
    I’m just curious as to your thinking about that highlighted rock.

    Thanks for sharing images that make the viewer pause and reflect on the environment.

    One more comment, if I may. We need another blog post!

    • Hi Bob: Thanks for your comment. The version you see of ‘Sliver’ on the blog is not the master print (just a temporary work print) and is still subject to change, so I thank you for your input.

      You’ll find a new blog post today!

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