SOLD! HP Designjet 130 wide format printer (24″)

SOLD!: HP Designjet 130

For Sale: HP Designjet 130

SOLD! The HP Designjet 130 is a 24″ wide tabletop printer that runs on a vibrant set of six HP Vivera dye-based inks. Note that these are dye-based inks, which are a little retro in today’s pigment-based printing world (a la Epson Ultrachrome). How does a dye-based print most significantly differ from a pigment-based print? Dye prints are made on swellable inkjet paper; pigment prints are made on porous inkjet paper. While you can use an 8×10″ Ultrachrome pigment print as a frosty-cold beer coaster, if you try this with a dye print from the DJ130 your photograph will turn into liquid ink impressionism. This generally means that all DJ130 prints should be framed, sprayed with a water-proof print shield, laminated, or finished in some other water-proofing manner. On the other hand, Vivera dye prints are beautifully rich in color and tone, and unlike the ink-on-the-surface appearance of many pigment/paper combinations, Vivera dyes are absorbed into swellable papers rendering an appearance more like a traditional photographic print’s emulsion. The Designjet 130 can print only on satin, semi-glossy, or glossy papers; matte prints are not archival nor up to the standard of pigment-based matte prints. The Designjet 130 makes a truly beautiful print, otherwise Charles Cramer wouldn’t have added one to his stable.

Why am I selling this printer? I own a small stable of wide format printers, and the DJ130 has simply fallen out of use and is taking up space. I bought this HP Designjet 130 printer brand new and it remains in like-new condition and in perfect working/printing order. I still have the original box and packing materials! The printer has always remained covered when not in use, has never suffered any technical problems, and has never required repair.

You can find more information about this printer on HP’s website, and the folks over at Digital Outback Photo provide lots of useful information on their website. Wilhelm Imaging Research has given the DJ130 with HP papers a permanence rating of 82+ years when displayed properly.

Some users have complained of paper feed issues with this printer. I avoided them by not purchasing the optional roll feeder (which seems to be the largest source of the problem), and have always fed it pre-cut sheets. Still, the printer can be finicky with paper feeding, so extra care is required to avoid problems.

This offer includes:

* Two brand new unopened 24″ x 50′ rolls of HP Premium Plus Photo Satin Paper. This is a really beautiful satiny smooth paper with a lustre-less surface;
* One partially used roll of HP Premium Plus Photo Satin Paper;
* Two brand new unopened HP85 Light Magenta ink cartridges;
* One brand new unopened HP85 Cyan ink cartridge;
* One brand new unopened HP84 Black ink cartridge.

The printer still sells new for around $1100, and the extras listed above are worth new about $225 on Amazon. I’d be happy to get $550 for the lot, excluding shipping or handling. If you think my price is too high or you can’t quite come up with $550, make me an offer. The printer is located in Long Beach, California, and can be test driven (suggested!) before committing to purchase. I’d prefer pick-up to shipping, and the printer should be easy to transport in most cars (that is, excluding the original box). I’ll provide you with a number of difficult-to-find URL’s to useful DJ130 online resources, and I’ll make you a free custom profile once you get everything set up.

Please shoot me an email (info AT if you have any questions or you’d like to make an offer. Thank you for looking!

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4 thoughts on “SOLD! HP Designjet 130 wide format printer (24″)

  1. I am interested in the 130 printer. If it is still for sale. But I live in MA and it would have to be shipped. Let me know Bob Arpin

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