Landscape Mastery on Fine Art Photography Weekly

Fine Art Photography Weekly

Fine Art Photography Weekly

As mentioned on my January 19 blog post, I was invited on January 18 to join the incredible nature/landscape photographer Darwin Wiggett and host Peter Urban LIVE on SmibsTV Fine Art Photography Weekly. Although it’s been nearly two months since our broadcast, our episode is now in the SmibsTV archives and can be watched anytime at your leisure. I had a great time walking with Peter and Darwin, and hope to join Fine Art Photography Weekly for another future broadcast. Download our episode (#26) here. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Landscape Mastery on Fine Art Photography Weekly

  1. I watched that show Michael and I loved it!! It’s worth watching again if I get the time. If I ever meet you I’ll expect to see that drippy looking red cap on a bottle of whiskey! LOL. Funny show.

  2. For a person such as myself, who barely has time to watch a half hour TV show, to take the time to sit through the entire 88 minutes (or whatever it was) is significant. I thoroughly enjoyed the program. It was very enlightening to watch a couple of “creatives” expound on their respective journeys through the confounding world of landscape photography as an income source. My only interest in photography relates to the landscape. I have tried other venues such as portraiture and weddings just to make a buck, only to realize I would rather be asking “fries with that” (not really). It is inspiring to know that the landscape photographer at least has a chance of making a reasonable living, albeit not so likely. Still, Michael, your confession about not being business minded in the usual sense provides a certain amount of clarity to a potential reality: follow your passion dutifully and the opportunities can follow! Thanks for sharing those possibilities!

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