Landscape Mastery on Fine Art Photography Weekly

Yesterday afternoon, the talented and renowned Canadian landscape photographer Darwin Wiggett and I appeared together LIVE on Fine Art Photography Weekly. I can’t fault them for our episode’s name (Landscape Mastery), but I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea that one can “master” anything. “Mastering” your camera should take only a few hours to a few days. But, mastering PHOTOGRAPHY? My contention has always been that there’s little reason or inspiration to continue with something that one has “mastered”. Would Picasso say that he mastered painting? Would Miles Davis say that he had mastered his horn? If you master something, wouldn’t it be time to move on to mastery of the next thing? I like the idea that I’ll forever be learning how to see and photograph; I’d consider myself creatively dead otherwise.

Some of my readers may not be aware of Darwin or his work. Mr. Wiggett is a well-respected photography professional, having published eleven photo books; having produced a lifetime’s worth of incredible photographs; and providing inspiration and instruction to scores of photographers over the years. It was a real honor to appear on this program with him. Watch this pro do his thing; Darwin enters the scene at 1:50.

Yesterday’s program (Episode #26) should soon be archived and available on their website; I’ll update here when it does become available. In the meantime, you might want to watch some of the episodes that preceded ours. You’ll find twenty-three videos full of inspiring and informative ideas and discussions.

I’d like to offer my great THANKS and appreciation to Peter and Christy Urban for inviting me on their program!

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