LIVE on Fine Art Photography Weekly

Fine Art Photography Weekly

I’ve been invited to join host Peter Urban and the incredible Canadian landscape photographer Darwin Wiggett on Fine Art Photography Weekly LIVE, January 18 at 1:30pm Pacific Standard Time. You can watch and listen real-time to this LIVE broadcast, and you can also submit questions/comments real-time.

Since June 2010, Fine Art Photography Weekly has produced numerous informative, enlightening, and entertaining episodes, and has featured a number of notable photographers, including my good friend Guy Tal, Clyde Butcher, Dan Burkholder, Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape), Brooks Jensen (LensWork), and others.

I look forward to speaking with Peter and Darwin and hope that you’ll join us on January 18!

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.


12 thoughts on “LIVE on Fine Art Photography Weekly

  1. Congrats, Michael! I’ve been wondering when you’d appear, and we have the answer. I’ll be sure to tune in- no pajamas in this one 🙂

  2. I missed it. Will your episode be on the site in the future? I saw your video on daylight processing 4X5 film and the other funny one. Interesting how relatively simple it is, not the funny film, the processing of the film.

    • Thanks, David! I’ll post here when they get our episode archived. You can also subscribe via iTunes and be automatically notified when that happens. Ours was episode #26.

      Oh, being funny is rather simple, too 🙂

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