My Website was Hacked!

UPDATE, Dec 21: My website has been partially restored from a backup, but email is still down.

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a fantastic week-long trip to Death Valley National Park only to discover that I have been hacked and no longer have a website online and no email to download or respond to. As you might imagine, it is very frustrating, angering, and disheartening, and I would love to land my hands on this hacker. What kind of cowardly sick puppy takes pride in inflicting this kind of damage?

If you sent me an email or completed the mail form on my website anytime between December 14 and now, please resend that email to michaelUNDERSCOREgordonATcharterDOTnet (replace the wrong characters with the right ones). I hope that my website will again be fully functional in short order. Thanks for bearing with me.

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.

14 thoughts on “My Website was Hacked!

  1. Michael –

    Let me know how we can assist. VeriSign is the leader in Internet Infrastructure and assisting companies specifically with DDoS attacks. Let us know how we can assist, we can work with your provider and have this site up and running. You can reach me @ or directly @ 650.316.6324. I know we can help.

    VeriSign @ a high-level view:

    Process approx. 50+ billion DNS queries daily
    65+ Global points of presence
    100% network uptime over the past 12+ years
    Manage 100+ million domain names

    VSN’s private cloud protects this critical infrastructure against 1000’s of DDoS attacks each month

  2. Hey Michael, I’m really sorry to hear about your site and email being hacked. What a d-bag! It boggles my mind why anyone would want to do something like that. Hope you’re up and running at 100% soon and that the idiot(s) responsible are somehow made to pay (even if by karma).

  3. That totally sucks, Michael. Could they have gotten into your web site through your computer? That happened to me. I accidentally downloaded some virus that got my password. I ran SpyBot on my PC to get rid of it.

    – Dan.

  4. THANKS, Bret and Dan.

    Dan: my PC is fine and is not infected. My website guru (Jack) tells me that it looks like an attack on the server, not specifically my website. In any case, it completely sucks.

    I’m hoping for immediate Karmic retribution.

  5. THANKS, David! Happy Holidays to you as well.

    This hacking incident has been one of the most frustrating and angering situations I’ve endured since the beginning of the ‘net. I hope to never repeat it again.

  6. Hate that about your website. Glad Jack is able to get ya running again. It would be nice to find the geek who did this and smash HIS computer/sites!! Anyways, I’m about to order one of your custom printer profiles!! Love your work!

  7. THANKS, all.

    If there was a motive, I sure don’t know about it. My web guru says it looks like an automated attack on the server, not directly on my site. Regardless, my website has moved to a new server and everything is back to normal. Thank you.

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