Star Party at the Mojave National Preserve: Oct 30, 2010

Mojave National Preserve Star Party flyerJoin the Mojave National Preserve Conservancy, Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers, National Parks Conservation Association, and friendly stargazers from all over in celebration of the Mojave National Preserve’s extraordinary nightscape! This event, hosted by the Mojave National Preserve Conservancy– the Preserve’s friends group, provides access and opportunity to learn about how and where to enjoy this 1.6 million acre wonderland of desert mountains, sand dunes, bighorn sheep and desert tortoise. We will discuss why this Preserve is worth protecting and what actions can be taken! This event will be held at the Hole-in-the-Wall group campsite in Southeast Mojave National Preserve (about four hours drive from Los Angeles). Free camping is provided, dinner is potluck (so bring a dish!), and the Old Town Astronomers will provide interpretation of the night skies and provide access to high-powered telescopes. The event starts at 7pm and we’ll stargaze well into the night! Feel free to bring friends and family. No fee is being charged, but the Conservancy is looking for new members to share with, and to care for Mojave National Preserve.

For more information, please download the .pdf. I’ll be there enjoying the festivities and I hope to see you there, too!

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.

2 thoughts on “Star Party at the Mojave National Preserve: Oct 30, 2010

  1. I appreciate that, David (thank you!), but it should be noted that I see no alternative. Those who photograph nature and landscape should feel a moral imperative towards action for the conservation/preservation of such places. It’s not just for me or us; it’s for future generations as well. I cannot bear to imagine a future world that contains less wilderness and open space than it does today.

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