Desert Magazine ONLINE!

Desert MagazineDesert Magazine was a monthly regional publication based in Palm Desert, California (near Palm Springs) and ran from 1937 to 1985. This eclectic magazine focused on the desert country of the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, and covered such subjects as travel, history, mining, geology, human interest, wildlife, river running, exploration, and prospecting. It ran many great historical stories, and did features on places that many of us still visit today. I have enjoyed a number of historic Desert Magazine back issues, and now, thanks to user “dm1937”, most if not all of the back issues have been scanned and are available online.

This is virtually mandatory viewing for photographers and explorers of the southwest, and especially for lovers of California’s vast deserts. Thank you, dm1937, for making these available!

UPDATE: 20 October 2010: reader John shared with me a new online magazine created in the same vein as the original Desert Magazine. Check it out: Dezert Magazine. Thanks, John!

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.

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6 thoughts on “Desert Magazine ONLINE!

  1. Hi All,
    Just thought I would share something I found. There is a new site called, that is bringing the style and feel of the old magazine online. They are in the process of uploading the complete desert magazine files in a ” flip book ” version. It’s pretty cool!!!! The magazine opens just like a real magazine. Plus they are doing their own magazine as well just like the original one. Take a look I don’t think you will be disappointed. Besdies the ones load real bad… Takes forever…


  2. Hi John: THANKS for sharing the details of your new magazine. It looks great, and I look forward to reading more. Is there someplace I can sign up for alerts each time a new issue comes out? Thank you!

  3. Hi John, I have a bunch of old Desert magazines from the 1970’s. Is any one interested in them? Kathy
    360-774-6344 cell 360-379-1008 home

  4. like john- i have been a fan of desert magazine- since 1978 it has been my outlet for many adventures and for a while wanted to share the old mags… in some ways i would have liked to have been the first to get all dm’s on-line but that goes to dm1937 (scribd) who later offered me his collection. and from me pretty much gave to many others including john. my archives are left as pdf files as this will give us a possible outlet to do a search engine that would work with the index. i also decided to house them on one page as it gives the viewer an idea of what the set looks for.
    i give john kudos for a great site !!

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