Fujifilm Quits Quickloads!

R.I.P.: Fuji Acros 4x5\

On August 10, 2009 I reported the demise of 4×5″ black and white Fuji Quickload/Kodak ReadyLoad emulsions: black and white packet films have been all but absent from the market since (excluding eBay).

Well, Fuji broke news yesterday (LINK) that they will cease manufacture of ALL Fujifilm Quickloads in April 2010. Yep, you read that right. Start buying up your favorite Fuji Quickload emulsions now, because after April 2010 it may only be bulk cut Fuji film with which to load your currently empty film holders. If you’ve been hesitant to load your own holders until now, well, you now have no choice. Here’s how to do it.

Fujifilm’s Senior Product Manager for Professional Film, Russ Gunn, explained the move: “It is with great sadness that we have taken the decision to withdraw our Quickload range from the market. Unfortunately the volume of Quickload sales has dropped off to such an extent that they are simply not viable products.”

Gunn continued: “We need to consolidate our range of professional films in order to support our remaining lines. We remain fully committed to the continued support of photographers who appreciate the quality and flexibility of real film but sadly this means slower selling films have had to be sacrificed to enable us to continue to produce and market our more popular formats.”

So, is film dead? No, not a chance. It just got a little less easy to procure and use.

See also: Reaction to Fujfilm’s decision to shutter 4×5 Quickload film.

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7 thoughts on “Fujifilm Quits Quickloads!

  1. Well I’ve been using less Quickloads recently as we can no longer get Astia in the UK and importing Quickload Astia from the US is plenty expensive. It’s a real shame and worry about Quickloads though, and it’s a rather worrying if this is the way it’s generally going. How long ’til sheet film starts to go too? Time to get a bigger freezer me thinks :o(

  2. very sad. I have fond memories of Velvia Quickloads. I really wish I could get 4×5 Quickloads of a Type 55 negative, but that never came to be. 😦

  3. Guys: film’s not going anywhere. No worries. Sheet film was around long before Quickloads, and will be around long after they’re gone.

    Andy: Type 55 *was* a packet film!

    Rick: Thanks for the heads-up. Bad code, so the links were non-operational. They are now good.

  4. Well, I “gave up” film when I bought an Aptus 75S digital back for my Contax 645. Even sold off my 4×5 gear.

    But after looking at a lot of my files while preparing a new book I realized that the 4×5 film (Provia) shots were in many cases preferable due to their, uh well, almost indescribable quality.

    Now the Aptus will let me do some things that are hard to do with 4×5, like shoot in light that transparency film would never succeed with, shoot in windy conditions, use very long lenses, bracket for blended exposures, etc.

    But I’ll take a good 4×5 transparency any day over a 33 megapixel file when it does work.

    Sooo…. I just bought another 4×5….here we go again.

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