Happy Holidays!

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Yosemite Chapel, Yosemite Valley

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holidays with best wishes for prosperity and good health in the coming year. May your 2010 be joyful!

Download a large desktop version of this photograph by clicking the thumbnail at left. Simply right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) and select ‘Set as Desktop Background’ to save it to your desktop. Enjoy!

On December 7, 2009, I placed myself in Yosemite Valley for the arrival of California’s first winter storm of the season (see my previous post for more). And boy was it a good one! I awoke at my campsite in Upper Pines to two inches of snow, and by the time my coffee was ready (home roasted! mmm…), it began snowing again in earnest and would not let up until after 4pm.

The Valley received at least a foot of snow from this storm, and it was magical. I was alone, the roads were deserted, and all was quiet in that beautiful world. Around midday I found the Yosemite Chapel in these beautiful conditions and couldn’t resist pointing my camera at it. You can see the snow streaking across the frame if you look at the Chapel facade.

If you ever get the chance to experience a snowfall in the Valley, do it. It feels like one of those once-in-alifetime experiences.

I sincerely Thank You for your continued support of and interest in my work!


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