SOLD: Ebony SV45Ti 4×5″ Large Format View Camera

Sorry, but this camera has been SOLD.

side view

I can see it now as I type: some will be rushing to this post to see if Michael Gordon has given up large format and “gone digital”. Nope! The Chamonix 045-N has become my view

front standard

camera of choice, and I’ve just acquired a second one as backup. The Ebony has been hiding in my closet since my first Chamonix acquisition (which was serial #92), so it’s time to let it go to someone who will put it to use. If you’re here looking at this posting, you’re probably already know that Ebony cameras are sought after and amongst the finest. So sought after that they’re very difficult to find on the used market. That is, until right now.

back standard, includes Ebony fresnel lens

You can get all the specs on the SV45Ti from Ebony’s site. Needless to say, in the Ebony 4×5″ camera lineup, the SV45Ti is only second from top of the line (the two SV45U models feature assymetrical movements; otherwise, this one can do it all!). It’s a full-featured camera built for a lifetime of use and enjoyment. This camera retails new for $2645-2845 USD depending upon dealer. The camera is USED in the classical sense. It is light-leak free and undamaged, but it has clearly visible signs of use.

bellows close-up

The photographs here are of the actual camera for sale. In the interest of full disclosure, the only ‘weakness’ to this camera is the aging bellows. Some wrinkles are visible and the pleats are no longer perfect (hey, I said the camera was used!) but to repeat, they are currently light-leak free.

bottom/mounting plate

I am asking for $1750 (plus actual shipping costs) for this camera
. If you are interested, please contact me via email. I can supply additional detailed snapshots of the camera if necessary. Thanks for looking!

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.

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4 thoughts on “SOLD: Ebony SV45Ti 4×5″ Large Format View Camera

  1. I can vouch for Michael’s used cameras. I bought his old Shen-Hao a number of years ago and it was in great condition and I still use it on occasion. Hope someone can enjoy this one.


  2. Having seen this camera several times, and the great care with which Michael used it, I can vouch for its stated condition.

    This is a great camera that will be a joy to use.


  3. You are replacing Ebony with Chamonix and buying a second Chamonix? I’ve taken a look at photos of the Chamonix on the web and it looks nice. I am considering the purchase of a field camera primarily for landscapes. I don’t want to spend too much and would like a camera that is easy to use in the field. My only foray into large format photography is with a Super Speed Graphic. I sold it because it was frustrating to focus (dim ground glass) and frustrating to fiddle with the front standard and movements. I returned to shooting with my Mamiya 7 and 35mm gear but I’d love to get 4×5 again. Do you recommend the Chamonix?

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