Art from the Pit

Art from the Pit

Art from the Pit

Nope – this post has nothing to do with juicy tips from the trenches. Although it may end up being the first of many Art from the Pit posts. What the hay am I talking about?

I have a sweet and loving pit bull named Mojave. You can read a little about her story here. Despite her sweetness (no different than any other pit bull well-treated by humans), she has jaws of steel and enjoys crushing containers, cans, basketballs, wood…you name it. Pit bulls enjoy exercising those fat muscles in their heads and relish in the careful disassembly of most objects, and Mojave is no different. So I’ve decided to start photographing her ‘works of art’. It’s an aluminum cat food can today, but it could very well be a glass container tomorrow….

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2 thoughts on “Art from the Pit

  1. Yikes! Love the idea though…scary to think how razor edges may cut the gums but in the end it probably saves you from dental work (gingivitis 🙂

    Your work is gorgeous and I enjoy your dialog..

    All the best,


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