Rabbitbrush & Snakeweed Garden – Post #100!


Rabbitbrush & Snakeweed Garden

Although I’m not nearly as prolific a blogger as many friends and colleagues, I’ve somehow managed to successfully reach my 100th post! So here it is – THANKS for reading and helping me to keep it going!

I found this beautiful and wild Rabbitbrush & Snakeweed garden (Chrysothamnus nauseosus, Gutierrezia sarothrae) in southwest Utah while on my return home from our early October Creative Landscape Photography workshop. Cloud coverage allowed me to shoot away despite the mid-day light, and a shallow aperture permitted me to place the focus right where I wanted it. The triptych presentation was conceived in the field while photographing.

I think I might have been channeling my feminine side here, as based on my experience, this photograph is the kind that woman will go for (my wife loves it!). There’s little in the way of masculinity expressed in this photograph, but I’m perfectly OK with the more sensitive side of my photographs πŸ˜‰

To celebrate my 100th post and honor my blog readers for their loyalty, I am offering an Open Edition 14″ print of this triptych for the very special price of $25 (plus shipping). Click here to purchase, but don’t delay. This offer ends on November 23, 2009.

Thanks for your readership and comments – it’s been a fun and interesting ride!

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website

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5 thoughts on “Rabbitbrush & Snakeweed Garden – Post #100!

  1. Dear Michael.

    I agree with Richard.
    Nothing to be embarrassed about…though I can sense you blushing now; “don`t listen to what other people say”.
    They just don`t understand what you`re going through πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, this is just another side of your multifaceted way of photography and it`s very good.
    Like the way it makes me think of music.

    Best regards
    Seung Kye

  2. THANKS for your kind words, Seung Kye!

    No blushing here! I was just having fun. I’m well past the stage of making apologies for my work – it is what it is, and I would never release it to the world if I didn’t think it represented me well as a person and artist. I’m plenty fine with my sensitive side πŸ™‚

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think we`re all having fun..on your part πŸ™‚

    I totally agree with you on photography being just what it is, Michael, and I have often surprised my wife…sometimes being more in touch with my sensitive side than she imagined after 9 years.
    As an artist, creativity and progress is the catalyst and I have actually never even thought of what is feminine or masculine in regard to art. Maybe that`s just me.

    Well, thanks for making me smile tonight.
    Love your work.

    Best wishes
    Seung Kye

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