Fuji Film Discontinues 50-sheet Boxes of 4×5″ Pro160S

AKA “Fuji Doesn’t Want Our Business

Fuji Pro 160S, 50-sheet boxes: GONER!No, they haven’t discontinued the emulsion, but they’ve made it more expensive (and less GREEN) now by forcing us to buy only 10-sheet boxes, which effectively now makes this film 20% more expensive. But I’m stubborn and cannot be forced into anything. So, Fuji, because you’re making it hard to do business with you, I’ll just do less business with you. You first took away my Acros Quickloads, and now this. I’m left with no choice other than to switch emulsions and purchase from your competitor. My color negative film from here on out will be Kodak Portra 160NC.

B&H is already out of the 50-sheet boxes, but you can still find it at other online retailers.

Please, please, Fuji: don’t kill my Astia.

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3 thoughts on “Fuji Film Discontinues 50-sheet Boxes of 4×5″ Pro160S

  1. Hey Michael,

    Looks like film is slowly getting phased out. Out here in the Bay Area, even large camera stores such as Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto don’t have Astia in stock. I was told by their sales rep that they just don’t sell enough film these days. With the rising cost of film, shipping, development and scanning, I beginning to wonder if working with the Pentax 67ii is worth it (for me at least).

  2. Hi Anil: I would say “some” film in “some” formats is getting phased out 😉

    Still, shooting 6x7cm, you’re right on the edge. The resolution from full-frame digital is quite outstanding (“they” say it rivals 6x7cm; have not done my own testing), and no film or scanning to deal with. Still, it’s a huge investment to get started (and then your camera will be obsolete in one week 🙂

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