“In order to be a good photographer…”

“…you need to work more on your emotions than you do on your technique.”

Listen closely to the amazing photographic artist, Paul Caponigro:

“I dont want to repeat the formula over and over again. I want to be free enough to see every day with fresh eyes.” I just love this quote!

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6 thoughts on ““In order to be a good photographer…”

  1. Thanks, Carl. I just love the way Caponigro carries himself: very confident but very thoughtful. Even his soft-spoken manner speaks ‘artist’ to me. Check out any of his books if you have not, and boy, if you get a chance to see any of his prints….

  2. Brilliant conversation – as a former musician I can totally relate to Caponigro’s dependence on music and it’s emotional influence, something I myself rely on whenever I’m out shooting. Thanks for sharing – it has inspired many new blog posts for me…

  3. Michael,

    Thanks for posting this. This is really great. Do you know when it was made. Paul Caponigro was already exhibiting in NYC when I was 16. He looks younger than me in this video.

    – Dan.

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