The Creative Landscape Photography Experience

Canyon BonsaiAnn Torrence attended our recent Creative Landscape Photography workshop in and around Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, and shares her experiences and post-workshop thoughts on her blog.

It’s great to learn when your teaching and photographic philosophies really reach your clients. Guy and I resoundingly believe that the strongest photographs arise as the result of a commitment to and a love for your subjects. A plane ticket or road trip to where every photographer wants to go is merely a distraction – the enlightened creative process is a journey, not a destination. Strong photographs can be made in our backyards, and our creative blocks come only from within, not from a lack of something special to photograph or special places to do it.

I’m really pleased that Ann got it, and that it was our workshop that made a difference. I look forward to seeing your new work, Ann!

Creativity – that overused word for such a mysterious process – is often simply the process of learning about ourselves, learning how we have placed limitations on our thinking, and finally, learning that we are our own barrier blocking the creative act“. Brooks Jensen

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