A Heartfelt THANKS….

…to my recent workshop clients!

Balaji, Srikumar, Saravanan, and Michael

Balaji, Srikumar, Saravanan, and Michael

On October 3-4, I helped Balaji, Saravanam, and Srikumar discover wonderful locations up and down the Eastern Sierra and Owens Valley during a private tour, and they received their wish of photographing autumn color during the first snowfall of the season (well, it was the second really, but it was the first significant snowfall). Despite falling rather sick just one day before our meeting, I still managed to hang in there and arise way too early each day for our sunrise shoots. Balaji had this to say:

The pleasure was truly ours in sharing such a wonderful locale with an true nature enthusiast like you. I personally came away with such a respect for your knowledge about the area and your admiration for nature and conservation. Many thanks for your incredible energy in spending so much time in the field in those 2 days, in spite of not being at the best of health.”

Creative Landscape Photography Workshop

Creative Landscape Photography Workshop

And one week later – just last weekend, October 9-12 – Gordon-Tal Workshops conducted its Creative Landscape Photography workshop in and around Capitol Reef NP, Utah. We had a great time with our group of six, toured fantastic locations, and had numerous philosophical and technical discussions. We intend to offer this unique workshop again in the future. Please join our mailing list to be the first to know.

Thank You to my workshop clients! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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