The New Sierra Nevada License Plate

the NEW Sierra Nevada license plate

the NEW Sierra Nevada license plate

I’d like to let California drivers know that a new and wonderful license plate may soon be available. May be? In order to meet the legislated requirements to issue a new special interest license plate, the Sierra Nevada License Plate campaign needs 7,500 paid pledges within one year. The sales of Sierra Nevada License Plates will benefit the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Program which provides funding for conservation, habitat restoration, recreation, and other environmental projects in the Sierra Nevada (the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Program is a campaign of the Sierra Nevada Alliance). You’ve undoubtedly seen other similar California Special Interest plates such as the Yosemite Foundation and Lake Tahoe Conservancy plates; this new plate has even greater reach as it will fund environmental projects throughout the Sierra, not just in Yosemite or Lake Tahoe.

“This is an opportunity for Californians to show their support for the Sierra Nevada, and at the same time help us fund meaningful projects to ensure that the Sierra continues to be a place where we all love to go to enjoy its beauty, clean air and water, and unique communities,” said California Secretary of Natural Resources, Mike Chrisman. “Everyone loves the Sierra for their own reasons, and now we have a way of showing our support. I urge every Californian to consider making a pledge payment in support of the Sierra Nevada region.”

“This license plate campaign will fund actual projects, not operating expenses,” said Jim Branham, Executive Officer of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. “Proceeds will directly fund the Conservancy’s efforts to protect and restore the majestic landscapes in the Sierra, which includes its rivers and streams, lakes, meadows and forests, farms and ranches, and rural towns and communities.”

How can you make a paid pledge for the new Sierra Nevada plate? It’s easy! – click here.

Thanks for making a difference in the Range of Light, the Sierra Nevada.

UPDATED: 14 May 2010: Unfortunately, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy License Plate effort has been suspended due to poor advance plate sales. More information here.

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2 thoughts on “The New Sierra Nevada License Plate

  1. Hi Mr. Gordon. One of our writers who covers the environment, Paul Rogers, is writing about unfortunate suspension of the Sierra Nevada license plate program and I’m trying to find a high resolution image of the plate. The one on your Website is the only one I’ve found thus far. the ‘official’ site offering the plate for sale has been taken offline in such a way that it doesn’t display the plate any longer. May I get your permission to download it from your Website? — Michael Malone, director photography, San Jose Mercury News.

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