Photo, picture: Cracked Mud and Shadows

Cracked Mud and Shadows

Cracked Mud and Shadows

I made this photo just a few days ago in Caineville, Utah. Guy Tal and I photographed the area at sunrise and were killing time while waiting for the Mesa Farm Market to open. If ever you’re passing through, you must try Randy’s awesome bread and pesto!

This is a photograph of a dried and cracked mudflow being raked by low-angled shrub shadows. I love the ‘etched’ effect that the shadows impart on the cracked mud.

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7 thoughts on “Photo, picture: Cracked Mud and Shadows

  1. THANKS for the comments, Gents!

    Ron: the Torrey show was OK. Guy had warned me that it was largely a locals event and to not expect tool much. Indeed, it was almost all locals and I didn’t expect or receive much :), but I had a great time.

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