Photo, picture: Mojave Yucca

MojaveYucca (Yucca schidigera)

Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera)

The Mojave Yucca is one of the most ubiquitous plants in the Mojave Desert. Looking at this photograph, you might think that these thread-like filaments would make great thread, rope, and sandals. Native Americans also thought so, and that’s exactly what they did with this plant.

Is this an “abstract” photograph? A lot of photographers use this term loosely enough that they end up designating many straight photographs as “abstract”. I define as abstract only those photographs which challenge me to the point that I cannot identify the object(s) photographed. When subjects are not completely representational but easy to identify (like my photograph of this Mojave Yucca), I term them “extracts” (I “extracted” only this portion of the Yucca from the more representational full view of the plant).

What do you call it?

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.


8 thoughts on “Photo, picture: Mojave Yucca

  1. “Extracts,” that’s an interesting term. I’d personally just call it beautiful! It has a bit of sea urchininess with tendrils going on. Those white tendrils are a great contrast.

    -scott c

  2. I would call it abstract, for the same reason you do. I don’t see a Yucca plant when I see this image. I see beautiful swirling shapes and lines. Nice abstract, Michael.

    – Dan .

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