Photo, picture: Frosted Cottonwood Leaves and Grass

Frosted Cottonwood Leaves and Grass Mini-Print

Frosted Cottonwood Leaves and Grass Mini-Print

Frosted Cottonwood Leaves and Grass, seen here as a Mini-Print (8″ wide print, 11×14″ mounting/matting, ready-to-frame).

As with many of my photographs, this photograph stayed buried in my files for about 1.5 years before it was unearthed and released. Why? My subconscious photographic vision tends to precede my conscious understanding of the photographs I make. Huh? Simply put, it takes me while to come to grips with my photographs. I work on gut instinct and photograph immediately when I’m beckoned to and ask questions later. After I’ve developed my film, the photographs often don’t look as I had hoped they would, and often too short a time span between the time of the photograph and my first printing of it tends to tie me too emotionally to the image. I was there; I saw and photographed it; it was a great moment; it must be good. Not so.

I like to let time lapse so that I can revisit my photographs later – after I’ve well disconnected myself from the actual experience. It’s only this way that I’m able to judge my images from a bit more of an unbiased base. As a photographer, it’s all too easy to be in love with every photograph I make (I work hard at my photography; why shoudn’t I?). As a photographic artist, only ruthless analysis and editing of my photographs will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Mini-Prints: All photographs on my website are now available as 8″ Open Edition Mini-Prints. All rectangular/panoramic photographs are printed to 8″ on the their longest side, and square images are printed to 6″. Open Edition Mini-Prints are hand-signed and made using the same top-quality archival materials as my Limited Edition prints, and all arrive mounted/matted and ready to be inserted into off-the-shelf 11×14″ frames. Best of all, they’re an outstanding value at only $50 each. To purchase, select any photograph and click the “purchase a print” link found beneath it, then select the 8″ Mini-Print option. Please be sure to add the $1 mounting/overmatting “Display Option” to your print selection.

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4 thoughts on “Photo, picture: Frosted Cottonwood Leaves and Grass

  1. It looks beautiful, Michael! Like you, every so often I like to dive into the archives and sometimes discover a gem or two. Of course it’s not just our vision and taste that evolve, it’s also our processing and presentation skills that allow us to take these images where maybe we couldn’t before.


  2. Very well said, Michael. I too struggle with this. It’s hard to separate the moment of seeing this beautiful composition on the ground glass from how it actually turns out. Only time seems to help.

    After being spoiled by being able to get my processed film the same or next day, I’m now forced to wait till I have at least 10 sheets of film before sending them away and waiting 10 or more days to get them back.

    By then a good portion of the attachment to what’s the best image and how it should look is gone.

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