NEW Photographs, NEW Mini-Prints

Oaks, Grasses, and Light

Oaks, Grasses, and Light

NEW Photographs: I am excited to announce the release of twenty-eight new photographs. Please see the New Work portfolio to view them.

NEW Mini-Prints: Recessionary times call for recessionary measures.

I am excited to announce that all photographs on my website are now available as 8″ Open Edition Mini-Prints. All rectangular/panoramic photographs are printed to 8″ on the their longest side, and square images are printed to 6″. Open Edition Mini-Prints are hand-signed and made using the same top-quality archival materials as my Limited Edition prints, and all arrive mounted/matted and ready to be inserted into off-the-shelf 11×14″ frames. Best of all, they’re an outstanding value at only $50 each.

To purchase, select any photograph and click the “purchase a print” link found beneath it, then select the 8″ Mini-Print option. Please be sure to add the $1 mounting/overmatting “Display Option” to your print selection.

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.

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