Photo, picture: Weather Over The Maze

Monsoon Over The MazeWe were running Jasper Ridge (between Jasper Canyon and Shot Canyon) when this beautiful weather started to move in on us. We were a bit of distance from the vehicle and safety from the weather, so it wasn’t unusual for Guy to try to encourage us to evacuate the ridge while we still had a chance 🙂 (I’m a risk-taker, so I wanted to absorb every bit of that wild weather from our high perch!). Steve’s calculations (based on the time it takes for thunder to follow lightning) indicated that the center of the cell was just five miles to our east. We still had time to shoot and be in awe.

As Guy and I kept photographing from our perches, Steve made his way back to my truck parked at Chimney Rock. When we finally caught up to him – hiding from the light rain on the lee side of my truck – he informed us that my truck’s antenna was buzzing. No sh*t, it was buzzing big-time, so I finally got a little nervous (even though nobody’s hair was yet standing and no one had that particular metallic taste in their mouth). We quickly got in the truck and insulated by the tire rubber. What a memory!

This photograph is available as a 1152 pixel wide desktop wall paper. Click on the thumbnail for the enlarged view to download.

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