I enjoy inventing new words, and “Medusolla” is my latest (pronounced ‘med-u-soya’). The astute and desert-aware have probably already determined that this is nothing more than a combination of “Medusa” and “Cholla” (pronounced ‘choy-a’), but please allow me my five minutes of worthless word-inventing internet fame 🙂

I photographed this Medusa-looking Cholla about one month ago in the Mojave National Preserve, very shortly after sunrise on a wickedly cold desert morning. Desert adventurers might possibly agree with me that cholla are one of the most troublesome of all desert plants; I have pulled hundreds of spines from my skin, and my dog Mojave has had several terrible encounters with these plants. Ironically, they’re superbly fascinating and photogenic.

This photograph was made with a 4×5″ view camera, Ilford Delta film, and as with many of my newer photographs, a vintage Wollensak Verito lens (early 1900’s).

You are visiting the blog of fine art photographer Michael E. Gordon. For additional photos and information, please visit his official website.


7 thoughts on “Medusolla

  1. Fantaspirational!
    I really like the contrast here, Michael, and the interesting “tentacles” in the cholla.


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