Intuit Quickbooks, Sleazy Ad Practices, and “Customer Service”

I believe in sharing warnings and recommendations with my friends, customers, and anyone who might otherwise be deceived by scheisty corporate practices. That being said, if you are a small business owner and are considering purchasing Intuit Quickbooks (small business financial software), please read on.

I’ve been a registered user of Quickbooks since 2003 or so. Just last night I installed my new Quickbooks Pro 2009 software. A red flag went up when I was forced to call Intuit to complete my registration. Miscrosoft doesn’t require me to call them; Adobe doesn’t require me to call them; why does Intuit need me to call them? Was I going to be pitched a Service Plan? I was first told by the Intuit employee that my wife could NOT sit at MY computer and use MY registered copy of Quickbooks to help me with MY bookkeeping. Excuse me? I verified what he told me, and then told him that this was an absolutely absurd policy.

Next came the extended support plan pitch. I was told (and their website confirms) that my first thirty days of registered ownership come with FREE technical support (which I needed immediately due to a configuration problem; Quickbooks was intended for 32-bit systems, not 64-bit), but that in order to get this support I had to sign up for a support plan and give them my credit card number (for which I would be auto-billed after the thirty days had passed; I would need to call and cancel it then if I didn’t want it). I again confirmed that my first thirty days of ownership came with FREE technical support (he agreed), and demanded the support they guaranteed but refused to supply Intuit with my credit card number. I was then told that I would have to pay $79.95 for the technical support call since I was unwilling to subscribe to the service plan I was pitched. EXCUSE ME?

I made sure to verify that the telephone call was being recorded, and then I let him (and Intuit) have it about their absurd “customer service” and sleazy ad practices and tactics. I would have never upgraded to Quickbooks Pro 2009 nor bought Intuit products again had I known that as a paying customer I would be treated this way. Intuit: I do not appreciate being insulted and treated like a fool, and I resent the fact that you’re taking advantage of people who may not be as confrontational as myself.

Dog bless the WWW. I have recourse. My complaint has been filed with the California Better Business Bureau, and I’m making certain that as many people as possible can know about your practices. I’ll be honest: I love your software, but I HATE YOU. Behave like you respect and need your customers (because you do need them). You may get away with bullying some of your customers, but some of them will win.

Screw YOU, Intuit. Never again. I win.

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88 thoughts on “Intuit Quickbooks, Sleazy Ad Practices, and “Customer Service”

  1. Very sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. They do try to sell you additional services but that guy sounds like he went over and beyond. Even I as a certified pro advisor had to call in to get my code. I think the decision was made some where in the upper echlons (sp) to try to get more business. Their idea stinks as far as I am concerned.

    Mike C

    • I was in the United States and bought a copy of QB Pro. Legitimately with all the info I need to register. On arriving home I was asked to register and this is proving impossible for me. You guys think INtuit sucks locally you have no idea what internaitonal clients have to deal we have a huge problem even registering which I have yet to do. Have been told lots of things and made a few expensive calls. Live online chat used by most businesses today would help me immensely. Intuit what are you thinking not having this feature on your website?

    • We had the same very bad very bad experience with intuit. The WORSE is after you terminate the subscription service of intuit enterprise, BE WARN AND AWARE that you will not be able to have access to your accounting datas even if in the future you will purchase quickbookpro or premier. You will be told to subscribe AGAIN to intuit enterprises. They do not allow you to export your accounting datas to another system even to quickbooks Premier or Pro. IT IS A REAL REAL BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE

  2. Hi Mike: Thank you for your comment.

    I have no problems with Intuit trying to sell additional services and increase their business, but you DO NOT do this at the expense of customer relations. It may be a viable short-term business model, but with enough reports like mine this will kill them in the end. Google “Intuit business practices” and “Intuit sucks” and you’ll see that I’m far from the only dissatisfied and angered customer. Their idea is far beyond stinky; it’s wretched and wrong, and consumers need to stand up against it.

    I’ve been in Customer Service my whole working life. Even today as a professional photographer, I consider myself a customer service representative (of my work). I’ve been teaching quite a few workshops lately. Imagine if I promised something to one of my workshop clients, but then required them to sign up for an *additional* workshop to receive it. Would my client be happy about it? Wouldn’t I come across as very deceptive?

    It’s simple. Respect your clients like you love them and need them, and don’t treat them like idiots and fools.

    Thanks, Mike. BTW, how did you find this blog post? 🙂

  3. Like yourself I give workshops-QuickBooks not photography-and I have Google alerts set up for QuickBooks. Your blog post came up in my Google Alerts.

    By the way I looked at some of your photography. Very nice. I used to do a lot of photography back in the day with my OM1. Looking at your photographs reminded me of how much I enjoyed picture taking. Have to get back into it.

    Good luck

    Mike C

  4. Just had my own “are you kidding me?” moment with Intuit. I sat down to work on my 2008 taxes using Intuit’s own TurboTax, assuming I could import my business income and expenses from QuickBooks (another Intuit product).

    I found out the hard way that while such import is fully supported on Windows, it is NOT supported on the Mac versions. I had to enter all the information by hand.

    Unfortunately I am not aware of other accounting software for the Mac but if anyone can suggest alternatives – I’m listening.


    • How can we combine our efforts to make sure that the market and other potential clients /users of quickbooks know of their bad policy : attracting the attention of the media and other communication tools

      • Hello Lenard: Thanks for your contribution. I think most of us would agree that Intuit makes great software but has sleazy business practices. From where I sit, the choices are three: 1. Create a blog/website to complain about Intuit 2. DO NOT buy their products under any circumstances (hard to avoid given their product quality and market dominance) 3. Find some other means to educate potential software buyers and business owners that the maker of Quickbooks, Quicken, and Turbo Tax is a horrible company with which to do business. If you have other ideas, please share them (and start preaching!). Thanks.

    • I went with MYOB for my Mac, and I HATE it! It is clunky, inefficient, and non-intuitive – more like an old PC application. That’s why I’m looking into Quickbooks, and how I ended up looking at this blog – and the information here is giving me pause.

  5. Have been using a 2007 version of QB. Suddenly, it locked-up on me after one of the “automated online update” sessions, displaying a message that I was using unauthorized version of the software, prompting me to call CS. What a drag – these people first verified that it was me (customer #, company name and address), then told me that the only way to solve the problem was to uninstall the QB and reinstall. This caused another issue during reinstall, I called CS again (about 20 mins after the first call), when they told me that there is no record in their databases about me ever having registered my QB – how did they got my company name and customer number then??? Well, to make the long story short, they told me that they could not help me with the 2007 version issue (which I figured out myself after I hung up in disgust), and the only way to fix this was to buy the latest version of QB from them. I laughed and just for the fun of it asked what the price was – almost a double ($109+taxes, instead of $69) of the price in the store a few blocks from my place. This was my first and last call to QB CS – the biggest problem was, that I could barely understand what their heavily-accented EI English over really poor and noisy phone line. Just pathetic…how much is Intuit really saving?

  6. Intuit practices are near predatory. I have Quicken 2006. I received mail from Intuit that they were dropping support for that product. Now, I’m in the software business and can understand that you do not support old versions forever, but they also added that as part of discontinuing support for Q2006, they were inactivating the software’s ability to download data from financial institutions. So, not only did they discontinue support, they actually removed the most useful feature of the program. Of course they pitched Quicken 2009 in the same letter for 69.95. Gee…what a deal. Needless to say I’m not buying Quicken 2009 and on principle will not buy any Intuit software or services again. I’m even moving my subscription to Intuit payroll to another provider.

  7. I think and it’s my opinion only but the only way Intuit will take note is two ways.

    The first if you email Intuit directly and

    The second if you don’t buy their product.

    Good luck in your quest. When you come down to it once they get to a certain size they are all the same. You should see the comments generated by the Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors.

  8. For example a gripe of mine of which below is typical:

    “If she is around a Costco she can get it at a really good price or in some of the major office supply stores these days have been selling it at a very low price. They are selling it at better prices than we as QB Pro Advisor’s can get it for our client from Intuit for. (What a shame, we that help support QB’s, can’t beat the price of Retail Stores(Office Max $299.00) for our own clients). I would tell her to download the trial of QB’s Premier from Intuit’s website and see it works for her.




    I am happy to help you.

    Take Care

  10. Thanks for the information. I was totally blown away with Intuit’s decision to discontinue email capability for 2006. If we pulled a short – sighted stunt like that with our customer’s, we would be out of business in a heart beat! We are in the process of growing our business requiring more computer’s (& software) and Intuit just lost out on a loyal six year customer! Every opportunity I get, with the hundreds of people I come in contact with monthly, through my business, and professional organizations, I will “slam” Intuit. Perhaps the idiot’s running Intuit will get their “just reward!” Out of Business!

  11. Hi all,

    I’m an Intuit employee. It sounds like some/all of you had have a bad experience with Intuit and I apologize for that.

    I don’t want to overwhelm this thread by responding to to each post, but instead will give you my e-mail. Please feel free to e-mail me at so I can help each of you individually.

    If you’d like me to respond to any of the comments on the blog directly, I’m happy to do that also – just let me know. I just want to be sensitive to how Michael would like me to engage on the blog.


  12. Hi Colleen: I appreciate you commenting. You are free to comment on any posts as you see fit.

    As of April 7, Intuit has closed the filing on my Better Business Bureau complaint. I suppose we will never agree on the ETHICAL use of terms and conditions, but Intuit sees NO problem with stating “FREE support” for 30 days after purchase, but denies me that FREE support because I would not tender a credit card number. I have serious issues with this, and if Intuit was honest and ethical, they’d have no need to request my CC number. Give me the 30 days of FREE support you offer (without requesting a CC), and I’m a happy man. When Intuit fails to disclose the CC requirement on their website, big red flags go up.

    I’m done with pursuing this issue, as I have plenty of other things to do. But that I found my FREE support through Google – after being denied by Intuit – speaks volumes about Intuit’s ethics and manner of “customer service”.

    Treat your customers with dignity and respect, not like they are idiots. Good luck with future business; you’ll never have mine again.

  13. I signed up for their service plan–only to be passed around when I had a problem. I figured it out myself (took awhile but I did it). It was a “restore your data” error issue. In my experience it took awhile to get to the right people that knew what was going on. I really wish that it would be a law that on the box of software or when they hussle you for support plans they have to tell you what Country you would be calling. I would pay extra for American IT people.

  14. Dear Michael,

    Going through the exact same thing and some worse compnents as well–it is a despciable way to run a business.

    I made the mistake of buying a support package for Quick Books 2009 and made one call to find out they couldn’t answer anthing–they were looking up simple things in their guides–that for $300 a year (negotiable by the way–they ask for $349, you tell them it’s too much and they lower it to $299).

    Thanks for putting this online as this company needs a wake up call. I can’t even contact customer service to cancel my support order–there is a link but it doesn’t go anywhere.

    The software is fine, but it also has some stupid elements to it (too many ways to reach data but not be able to perform functions with it on some paths). I could have done most of what I needed with an Excel speadsheet or a pad and pencil.

    Thanks again!


  15. I have used Quickbooks for over 10 years and although their product is fine, I too, find Intuit’s business practices unethical and predatory.

    I upgraded to Quickbooks for Mac in March and when I did some much needed accounting, I found out that I had been charged an recurring amount of $39.

    After I called customer service, I was told that it was for their support plan. I told them that I had not authorized it and they cancelled and refunded my 4 months of payments.

    My main problem is how many small businesses are paying this charge without realizing it? This adds up to $450 a year.

    I have not liked Intuit’s practices for a long time and if there was software that could EASILY import all my Quickbook data I would change in a heart beat.

    • I had this same thing happen to me the last time I upgraded from 2006 to 2009. I caught it and called too. They did refund the money, but it’s deceitful business practices I hate.

  16. Colleen,

    Someone from your company REALLY needs to take notice of this problem. I have been in customer relations for 32 years and I believe these “near predatory practices” sorry telephone customer service, etc. will ultimately be your undoing. Someone needs to mind the ship…EVERYONE at Intuit!!

    I have been very loyal using Turbotax and QB and QBPro everywhere I have worked and have recommended it to hundreds of clients who want to do their own work. NO MORE!! This will be my last purchase from Intuit until you guys get the message and take care of customers. Customers are your whole business. If you didn’t have them you wouldn’t have any business. I have been seeing it get progressively worse for the last 10 years but “figured it would get better…maybe just some bumps in the road.” I’m done with you guys because you don’t listen. Also when I called in to register “Nicole” put me on hold without asking if it was OK or I had time and then dropped the call and never called back. She already had all my information including phone number. Now that’s just sloppy and uncalled for…do you want people’s business or not. After calling back and starting over I finally got a security code or whatever. Make it easy for your customers and you make it easy on yourself. Leave sales to sales staff…not people who are registering, etc. Best of luck…you are going to need it.

    Everyone else in the software business let’s you register online. If you want to buy something else later from an e-mail update OK. We are all in business just like you and don’t have time for mickey-mouse games and sorry service. Especially in this market, I’m survived you are even surviving!


  17. WMH: Intuit simply does not care. There will always be enough unaware, unsuspecting, and non-confrontational people out there for Intuit to take advantage of. They refuse to see what is wrong with their practices (because they profit by them!), and will uphold them even if it costs them many customers.

    As consumers, we ultimately hold the power of success or failure of a company like Intuit. If only more people could see this post and would research before buying!

    Thank you for your comments!

  18. They got me as well. I do not reconcile my books monthly as I should and realized I got hammered over 8 months for their technical service. I received all the money back when I realized it and complained, but again the practice is very cheesy. I purchased quickbooks pro three times, the first two always came with a free month of tech support, the third time came with the first month free, then they charged me $39 per month for infinity. Ridiculous! I never used it! Well I did for the first purchase and they suck, other websites are much more useful and helpful. Wish I could find an opensource product that did as good of a job.

  19. Intuit sucks…they ever hear of “Live Chat?” Wasted 30 minutes of my life registering the product on the phone because the online registration would not accept any phone number I entered. I don’t want them calling me trying to sell me stuff anyway.

    I had considered their merchant services before this experience…now, NEVER. If they didn’t have virtual monopoly I would dump them today.

    Another new customer who hates them from day one….obviously they need to start to listen to the feedback they receive.

  20. They just locked me out because I won’t upgrade after two years. It is like the mob…pay up or else. I agree, they stink and I will tell everyone! I will never use them again.

    Who did you end up going with for POS anyway?

  21. I, too, am a commercial photographer. Go figure. And I just opened Quickbooks to get together all info for year end for my accountant. It said I needed to CALL Intuit to register!? WTF? To say this whole process pissed me off is an understatement. This is one of the most blatant “screw you” to customers I’ve witnessed from a company in a long time. It’s absolutely moronic.

    Bad deal, Intuit. You’ve just lost a customer. I’m posting on this blog because I found this by searching Google on “quickbooks forced registration” as I was gobsmacked by the whole process. I couldn’t believe that what I was experiencing was really happening. Hopefully others will read these posts and Intuit will rightfully fire the executives who made the decision to not only force you to register, but to have to pick up the phone and call India to do so.

  22. I just read your blog about Intuit, and I wanted to add my voice as well. My experience is with the SEO I arranged for my company web site. We are a small business, and my computer skills are not A plus, but I am not an idiot and I deserve to be treated with respect in a business like manner. There were problems with the SEO, some caused to myself, I added some copy which impacted the codes.

    I alerted Intuit to problems in Mid November, through email, NOT their Help Tickets. I thought this was the way to proceed, it was not. I was recently told that the errors were mine alone, and it would cost another $200.00 to fix them. I would like to add here that I was being charged $99.99 per month to monitor my site, to ensure the SEO process was effective.

    I assumed that this charge would alert them to problems, it did not, and they advised me it was my fault. When I requested to be able to speak with SEO staff,I was told they DO NOT talk to customers. However these were the people accusing me of damaging my site and who refused to speak with me.
    I wanted to find out what/how I had done this? No Reply
    I wanted to find out where the Site Map was, up until today I had no idea, apparently it is there, but it took over 4 weeks to find that out. I have yet to look at it my I will.

    I was told to fill out their Help Tickets, when they would not reply, I filled out more help tickets. Remember I was not getting answers to my questions, they inturn would cancel the help tickets because I was mentioning the same thing. I could not get them to understand, that they had not answered the questions.

    I was treated in a very condensending manner by their “Supervisor in Customer Service”, who offered no help, and no recourse. I was forced into spending more money, but I felt I had no choice. If I did not pay, my website was of no value. They would NOT refund the $198.00 in fees I had paid, they would not tell me when I could take a training course to help me avoid this in the future. When I enquired about canceling the monthly charge I was told it would cancel out my site. So I did nothing. I have sent another Help Ticket asking this point.

    This company has NO concept of customer service, respect, and I would warn any small business persons to NOT use their SEO design team. Go somewhere else. I am stuck here until everything is fixed, and hopefully I will never have to deal with these people again.

    In all my years in life and business I have never encountered a firm where you were NOT allowed to speak with the persons working on your site, they will NOT take your call, and they DO NOT call you.

    Small Business People. I suggest you use someone else for SEO services for your web site. If you do use them. Be VERY Careful, and be prepared to be treated like dirt.

    I am glad I had the chance to maybe let another people know what Intuit is doing. Do Not let it happen to you. It would be nice of Intuit staff took the time to look at themselves and their operation. They may be able to help themselves, but people with this high an opinion of themselves, it most likely will not work.
    Thanks and take care. You do some beautiful work, and I appreciate your blog.

  23. I have the Quickbooks 2009…had to call customer service to get the software registered…was on the call for 1 hour and 31 minutes…over an hour on hold because I refuse to give a credit card number for the so called service plan…I asked the non English speaking rep to transfer me to a supervisor…she refused…out right refused…thank god there are other programs out there that do what Quickbooks does…you are completely correct….Intuit SUCKS…

  24. Just a few comments…I am an accountant and have to agree with all the comments posted. Intuit recently purchased (in addition to Paycycle) because they more than likely saw the writing on the wall and in an effort to stay “big” will find a way to charge the end –user for those services. In regards to the recent problems regarding the updates and QB 2009, be sure to stop by my blog ( for the latest regarding the continuing problems with the R9 update. Intuit recently released the R10 update, but that still has not resolved all the problems thus an R11 update is on the way.

    Their (Intuit) business model is getting a bit old and they are moving toward an online accounting solution like QB Online Edition (thus buying Mint) for all of their service offerings. What most small business owners do not realize is there are quite a few solutions already out there and they should switch to those asap. Right now there is Netsuite, Accountants World’s Accounting Relief, Working Point and others (search online accounting software). These solutions allow small business owners to work from anywhere (even on their smartphones) and have anytime access to their data.

    My main reason for not liking Intuit is their deceptive marketing practices. Intuit plays both sides against the middle (been doing this for years). On one end they sell to the small business owner telling them that their software is so easy that they don’t need an accountant. Then they turn around and come to us accountants and tell us that we should sign up for their Pro Advisor program so that once the small business owner screws up their books we can come in and be the savior all the while Intuit is getting money from both the small business owner and accountants. Sorry Intuit I’m not buying it. I can use your software just fine without purchasing your Pro Advisor membership and still service my clients with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Now they (Intuit) have come out with a new certification for accountants who use their tax software (Pro Series and Lacerte) and it makes me wonder why other than money. Some accountants have been using these softwares for quite some time now, so why would they need to pay $199 intro/$249 after intro to say they are certified? I could go on and on (esp. about how online cloud accounting solutions are cheaper to implement than boxed software) but I digress.

  25. Predatory and mercenary are the two words to best describe Intuit. QuickBooks was a very good bookkeeping program until Intuit decided to put the squeeze on their customers. It started by stripping Payroll from QuickBooks Pro; then it escalated by creating a “basic” and an “unlimited” payroll–the basic is for three or rewer employees. Then the stripped out the forms and filing without buying a Premier version. Tell me, how many businesses have less than four employees? How many businesses don’t need to have tax forms completed (941, 940)? How many businesses don’t need to file W2’s at the end of the year? $300 a year to pay four employees???? This used to be part of QuickBooksPro!

    Customer Support is a frustrating and expensive exercise. Normal companies help you make their product work for free. When I have had to call CS it’s because of some problem with the software, not my not knowing how to use it. Install an upgrade, can’t get it to work?–pay Intuit for “support.”

    NEVER allow QuickBooks to update any files. Never check Payroll for the latest updates. Any time you let Intuit futz with your computer you will not like the result and will probably need to call CS. Even if the call doesn’t cost (hah!), who has 30-90 minutes to waste so that they can fix something they broke on your computer?

    1. Payroll doesn’t require an update every year! Once you have purchased the Payroll module, in succeeding years you can use an Excel program you create to calculate all the wages and deductions (it takes about 30 minutes to create the macro, believe me). You will still need to refer to the IRS withholding tables for Income Tax. Go to “Pay Employees”, ignore all the warnings that your payroll has expired, and paste in the numbers from your Excel macro. Print the checks. You won’t be able to print the W2’s and you will have to fill out the 941 yourself, but you will save $300. All the necessary data will be there for your Worker’s Comp and Unemployment reports.

    2. Warning: Intuit has “poison pills” built into QB! Always check anything that QB calculates after your license has expired. I was doing books for a non-profit using QB2005 when Intuit stopped supporting payroll for 2005. It would continue to create paychecks but used a non-consistent rate “around” 6.2% for the SS deduction. I assumed it was correct, but when I did the quarterly 941 the numbers were wrong! It took me hours to figure out what was wrong and why. Have you ever tried to “correct” a payroll check after it has been issued and you have made your tax deposits? Dante had nothing in hell to compare with that.

    I’ve been using QB since 1999. I am waiting for any viable alternative (QB records can’t be imported into PeachTree) so that I can never buy another Intuit product. I would imagine that over half the QB users are anxious to abandon QB. What a potential market for a software developer! How can a company survive when so many of its customers HATE the company?

  26. Wow, what an inflammatory subject! I found this today Googlng possible alternatives to Quickbooks for Mac. I’m still using Quicken 2006 (not QB, but Quicken) for my personal and business accounting and my accountant complains a bit, but it works fine for the most part.

    I’ve resisted upgrading and updating my free Quicken software that came on my new PowerBook G4 just because of my past years of experiences like Michael described and so many others in the above comments.

    I’ve set up 2 large companies on Quickbooks Enterprise and Premier, and had so many issues with their lack of customer service and predatory up-selling practices, that I decided back then to never pay them again if I could help it.

    So, I’d be most grateful for info on Mac accounting/book-keeping solutions if y’all figure out anything good! =)

    Thanks for keeping it real, Michael, and for sharing. It’s the only way a huge company like Intuit will hear, even if they don’t change. And quite possibly, a few will be spared the Intuit nightmare. =)

  27. I agree. Intuit used to have great customer service until about 3 years ago. Since then, it has gotten progressively worse. You stay on hold for half an hour, then find out the person you were holding for cannot help you.

  28. I got my “upgrade” letter from QB earlier this week. I just hate the fact that they are deleting functionality from the program that I purchased if I don’t upgrade.

    Normally, this kind of bullshit doesn’t rile me up all that much, but I keep books for a non-profit that runs a summer camp. Great way to waste money rather than spending it on a kid.

    What I really need is an assessment of alternatives to QB. I don’t care if I have to rekey all prior year data. Any suggestions?

  29. Hi Joe: I wish I could name decent alternatives, but I have not found any. For my business, Quickbooks is efficient and easy. It’s just too bad that INTUIT SUCKS and won’t listen, because there are thousands of angry customers out there. Thanks goodness for free speech.

    Thank you for leaving a comment.

  30. In following my accountant’s recommendation to select Intuit to manage my business finances and then activating a QuickBooks Online Plus account, I had only ONE issue, to get a functional accounting system:
    1. Live,
    2. Secure, and
    3. At the advertised pricing terms.

    Intuit has missed on all three points. To recap some of what I have endured:

    1. Live:
    A. Merely reporting that I received a phishing email regarding my account resulting in Intuit locking me out of my account and directing me to cancel it entirely and start over from scratch.
    B. After setting up a replacement account, the user accounts became so corrupted that I was again directed to close it and start from scratch for the third time. (See Secure for detail.)

    2. Secure: In starting over from scratch, a new QuickBooks Online Plus account was created where my user ID and my accountant’s user ID became identical within the same company ID despite each user having different passwords. The login credentials for my company became so intertwined with my accountant’s other business clients that I gained full access as a Company Administrator to all of his other QuickBooks Online Plus business clients. At the same time, my accountant’s access to his other QuickBooks Online Plus business clients was lost. This represents a major glitch in your security systems.

    3. At the advertised pricing terms:
    A. In emails from Intuit on September 8, 2009 and again on September 30, 2009, I was offered “20% off your subscription FOR LIFE on a Plus subscription.” This offer was later represented verbally as “for the life of the promotion” until I provided written documentation to the contrary. Intuit’s written pricing offer is now being neither reflected in my account terms, nor, being denied by Intuit staff.
    B. Despite a promised “full 30 day trial period before your subscription begins billing” and a trial create date of 09/08/2009, I received an email receipt on 10/4/09 stating: “Starting on 10/04/2009, MasterCard ends with 4218 will be charged $34.95 per month.” That is to say charges would start 4 days early and reflect full retail pricing.
    C. Despite a QuickBooks Online Basic trial create date of 09/08/2009 and an upgrade to Plus on 9/4/10, I was then incorrectly billed $9.95 on 10/8/09 and again on 11/11/09.

    Two weeks after escalating my complaint to a manager and submitting QuickBooks’ written offer of “20% off your subscription FOR LIFE on a Plus subscription,” the manager has not responded and their low level rep now tells me the Marketing department may need another two weeks to provide an official response on whether of not they will honor the discounted pricing offer that prompted me to upgrade to QuickBooks Online Plus.

  31. I bought QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing 2008 as it claimed to “seamlessly integrate” with my Network Solutions web store. WRONG. After getting web store and QB set up and a 3rd party connector software installed to “seamlessly” exchange data between the two, things worked pretty well for a while except that the QB techs blamed problems on the Net Sol software and vice versa, so it was difficult to pin things down. The biggest issue turned out to be a major glitch in the QB software in that 3 credit memos issued in the web store duplicated themselves each time data was exchanged (every 10 minutes for months) for a total of over 50,000 identical credit memos. I didn’t notice this because even though this happened in 2009 the duplicates were all dated 2008.
    My program bogged down, I was told that the only way to fix it is to manually delete each and every one. If anyone knows a way around this please let me know.

    My financial reports are a mess and the program runs very slow. I finally found one tech who researched this issue because other people had the problem and there is no way to quick fix this. I am thinking of filing a law suit. The tech people, who are always trying to sell new software, advised me to upgrade to a newer version of Premier for 2500.00 or so. I always thought of QuickBooks as a friendly software company with a stellar product. Not anymore. The tech support is dreadful and their selling practices misleading at best.

  32. So glad I have found a place to vent my disbelief in the quickbooks LOUSY customer service department.
    I will not upgrade and be charged $ 159.95 for a product I use for emailing only. I do not attach to my bank or anything else. I bought this 2007 pro version at my accountants request in 2007. I am not computer saavy at all but I am sure there must be a way that I can continue to create my estimates and invoices in quickbooks and get them to my customers in a way that will work after May 31, 2010.
    Can I still create estimates and invoices and print them to my dell printer attached to my dell computer by USB cable running IE 7 on windows XP … then just manually fax the printed version to my customers or will the print command in quickbooks 2007 not work?
    YIKES !!!!

  33. Wisteria: Thanks for leaving your comment. I am not an expert with Intuit software, but I would assume that you can still create estimates and invoices, print, and fax. Good luck!

  34. I switched from Peachtree to Quickbooks last year because I was tired of being told that I needed to buy an upgrade to continue to get current tax tables for payroll.
    I was aware that Intuit was probably going to do the same thing to me but I was determined not to give any more money to Sage Software.

    I did upgrade my QB this year because I switched to a Window’s 7 system and was experiencing some problems. I too was taken aback when I had to make a phone call to complete product registration and when a support plan was mentioned I stated that I was not interested.

    Today I received my credit card bill and a charge of $39 was listed for Intuit. When I called I was told that she would cancel the plan and issue a credit – fine. Then she went on to point out that I had actually ordered the support plan when I ordered my upgrade.

    I don’t pay for service plans or extended warranties so I checked my confirmation and the service plan was listed at $0.00. I am sure I did not select the plan and the significance of it being on the confirmation eluded me because I was not being charged.

    So the THIEVES snuck that one by me but when I had to call in my registration, she deliberately did not cancel the plan for which I unwittingly enrolled.

    After checking the web and discovering that they have market cornered on UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES, I am determined that I will never do business with them again and I will register complaints anywhere and everywhere.

    We have a small company. Our reason for using acctng software is basically for payroll computation. When the time comes I will try the solution that Dennis offers above and if that fails I can still do things manually or hire a payroll service – I will not be held hostage by these CREEPS.

    Oh, and I agree about the language abilities of the CS reps. I’m tired of it all.

  35. Thanks for commenting, Susan!

    I’m not sure where you are, but I reported Intuit to the California Better Business Bureau, and naturally, they had their rebuttals in order and the case was dropped by BBB. You can’t even shame this wretched company into doing the right thing or admitting fault, even with complaints to the state. The only way we can bring down companies like Intuit is with our wallets. Hopefully this blog post is encouraging others to avoid Intuit at all costs.

  36. Thank you Mike for your quick reply. I know how to save the estimates and invoices to a pdf in my documents and then attach it to my email.

    I was worried that they could …( in some secret computer black magic way)… disable my ability to use my quickbooks program.

    BY THE WAY ….they (INTUIT QUICKBOOKS) DOUBLE CHARGED my credit card last month and when I called to suggest that they were trying to generate income in an improper way they said it was JUST a computer glich (imagine that) and EVERYONE was double billed!

    It seemed to me that they were well aware of what happened with the double billing BUT they just didn’t bother to refund anyone’s money till they called in to complain …hmmmm sounds like scamming to me.

    When will all this baloney and scamming by alll the companies stop.

  37. Michael,

    Sad to hear the depths at which some software companies sink to try and increase their revenues (never mind creating innovative and new software or services…)

    The calling to activate part I can understand (thought I don’t agree with). The signing up for service in order to get what you already purchased is uncalled for. Another course of action (one that might have resulted in better response) is to ask for the call center person’s manager (remember this person is an hourly employee and just following a script). Keep escalating up to higher managers till you get the support you already bought. Painful and time consuming but higher chance of seeing any result…

    (some free “day job” expertise…)

  38. … and the beat goes on.

    About when this thread was started a year ago, I was sucked in by Intuit’s offer of an on-line payroll service costing only $10 per month and free for the first six months. I have one employee and was leaving a stand-alone program that cost me thousands in penalties when their state module neglected to perform the correct withholding for our state (I was three years in arrears on the Unemployment, Job Training, and Disability payments — not State Withholding).

    Well Intuit On-Line payroll was a big improvement, but yesterday they notified me that, after paying them the $10 per month for the first three months of this year, they would be raising their rates to that magic number — $39 per month. This seems to be the current sleazy business model adopted by many companies. Get a credit card number and then charge it at whatever rate draws little attention for some service that was either not requested, but implied, or was notified to you in another way. I have had to enlist my credit card company’s help in reversing charges for at least three companies (not Intuit) in the last six months using these kinds of sleazy practices — watch your statements! Sometimes they will reimburse you for back charges (in case you don’t notice — sometimes they won’t).

    Well back to Intuit. I have been a user of QB Pro 2007 for the Mac and TurboTax. The prices of TT seem to be escalating too fast, and after reading this thread, I would never upgrade to Mac QB Pro 2009. The 390% increase in the price of the Online Payroll is the straw that is breaking the camel’s back. They might have snuck by a 100% increase on me. I’ll accept their offer of a “test drive” (three months to test the new version at the current price), but I’ll never buy from Intuit again. And, until they change these predatory practices, I’ll do everything in my power to get the word out.

    $468 for twelve months is more than I want to spend on one employee. I’ll figure it out somehow.

    Michael, thanks for starting this thread. Was not hard to find using Google.

  39. I’m using Intuit for some time.











  41. A friend told me I should use Quickbooks. So I bought a copy at a decent price on eBay. Wait for the delivery, try to install. Have to call customer service for the install. Then it turns out that my product was “intended” for the retail channel so they deactivated my registration number. Who knows; maybe it was stolen! On the other hand, the eBay seller is legit and sells lots and lots of Intuit products.

    In keeping with some of these earlier stories, they kept me on hold for a while and then I was speaking with someone in their retail sales shop. He wants me to fax over a copy of my eBay invoice so they can investigate.

    What can they do for me? Well nothing, actually. They suggest I return the product to the eBay seller for a refund. That seller has a 5 day return policy, and I was away over the weekend. Intuit registration is not open eves, so when I called Tues eve, I had to wait until today.

    My personal experience is this is way too much hassle and inconvenience relative to the possible benefits for Intuit in managing their high-margin retail sales channel. Stuff sells on eBay, and obviously there are big discounts on the wholesale cost of Intuit products so a lot of it really is destined for eBay.

    But I really don’t need the hassle, and I did pay over $50 bucks for an Intuit product, when I paid under $20 for a legit license for MSFT Win 7 64 that works. SO go figure? One marginal customer who probably never ever by another Intuit product again because I don’t have to.

    And apparently if my registration key was fine, I do think putting up with 10 min of customer support product upsale is unconscionable. The managers of this company must be consumer support dimwits on par with that of, say, Sprint, but at least at Sprint they are just morons. At Intuit, the customer apparently is always wrong.

    I hung up on the guy demanding I fax a copy of my eBay invoice when he offered nothing in return (like a registration code). Assholes.

  42. I recently lost my laptop and had to reload QB on the new one. It would not work and I had to call CS. I received a very rude CSR (snapped back at me, put me on hold and never go back with me [15 min.]), who in essence told me since I had QB Pro 2007, I needed to upgrade to the newest version. Is this true? The software only works until the next version comes out. If so, does Peachtree or other accounting software have the same policy?

  43. Intuit has a sunset program. That is two years after an edition is out it is no longer supported. Doesn’t mean you can’t keep using the program just that they won’t help you. The only thing I can think of why your program won’t work in your new laptop is that your laptop might be set up for 64bit. 2007 QuickBooks is setup for 32 bit. I may be wrong and a computer guru might disagree so take this for what it cost you.

    Can’t comment about Peachtree or others but a lot of them have similar programs. They want you to buy the latest and best.

    FYI 2010 is a pretty good upgrade with some neat features.

    I don’t know how Photoshop works but I keep seeing new editions.


  44. Thanks Mike for the update.

    I actually did get QB 2007 Pro installed and the laptop is 64-bit. I’m getting a registration prompt and I need to register within 30 days. What happens if I don’t register.

  45. Hi Jilly… After 30 days you will be locked out of QuickBooks until you register.
    Like Mike mentioned you can still use QuickBooks 2007 even though it will no longer be supported by Intuit, you just won’t be able to use any add-on features such as payroll, merchant account and emailing documents.

  46. Oh, one more thing… QuickBooks has a sunset policy as Mike mentioned, but it’s actually 3 years after a new edition is released that it gets sunsetted and is no longer supported by Intuit.

    So your QuickBooks 2007 will no longer be able to use the add-on features I mentioned above after May 31st, 2010.

  47. Regarding the sunset provision, I was told by CS today that my QB 2003 will completely cease to function at all on my system as of May 31, 2010. In the case of say MS products, office, etc, I upgrade when i need new features and have Win 7, office 2007, etc, but haven’t seen any reason to upgrade QB for my rather limited accounting needs. WTF is wrong with these guys?

  48. “WTF is wrong with these guys?”

    Hello Sloan: I’d call it CORPORATE GREED.

    Thanks goodness for the WWW and this blog post. Intuit is a big monster to fight (and I’m not using the word “monster” lightly), but at least we can try and educate the unsuspecting along the way. INTUIT SUCKS and SUCKS and SUCKS and…..

  49. They are total sleazy company. I just watched a news program about a local company who dealt with Quicken and a home loan. THey tried to keep their $9000 approved loan deposit then decided they did not want to approve the loan and by the way,,,,keeping the $9000! I had them try to get my merchant business. It is standard practice for a company to win your business over by reviewing your past 3 merchant statements. He then proceeded to tell me “Oh my gosh…you are so overpaying and everything you do it getting charged a non qual rate.” Furious with my current Merchant account I called and only 1 out of 30 were rated non qual. I called the guy back and he said once again…Yes you are getting totally racked over the coals. So I explained what I found to be true. He said he would confirm and call me back. Never did , when I finally got a hold of him. He explained that he had screwed up my fax with another company and yes, I did have a good rate. Come on! I spoke w him over 6 times. The company is unscrupulous! I have said this for year. I had another encounter as well where another intuit employee lied to me. BE VERY LEARY of this company.

  50. Yes I had exactly the same problem with intuit about 8 years ago and ditched them. The worst thing is they are not cheap these days. Why anybody in their right mind would buy that software I have no idea.

  51. What you have to ask yourself is if you need all the bells and whistles that QuickBooks has. If you write less than 20 to 30 checks a month and are a cash business then you probably can get by using a 13 column pad. I wrote an article on how to do your bookkeeping this way and can be downloaded at my web-site, (QuickBooks oriented).

    Mike Crosa

  52. I came across this blog becasue of frustrations with Intuit and QB2005 (yes, I’m still running 2005 and quite well, thank you). The PC crashed and of course everything had to be reloaded. Just like many of you, when loading QB2005 an error message indicated that Flash Player 7 could not be loaded. A call to QB customer “service” resulted in the “you must upgrade to QB2010 for $159.” EVERY call to customer “service” (and there have a been a handful over the last 5 years) immediately diverts into a sales pitch without even an attempt to address the problem. After telling the “support” person that I have no intentions of buying another Intuit product, and QB2005 meets my needs completely (aside from crap support…and guru, pack sand up your ass!), the price for 2010 dropped and a supervisor came on to drop it even further.

    I hung up in disgust, opened the contents of the install CD, went to the Third Party folder, launched Flash Player 7 manually, and low and belhold, the problem was gone in 30 seconds. That’s all a true support person really needed to steer me to, but at Intuit, it’s customer be damned, extract cash!!

    BTW, NEVER accept update downloads from QB. It’s simply more spyware or worse, and eventually will disable your current version.

  53. “BTW, NEVER accept update downloads from QB. It’s simply more spyware or worse, and eventually will disable your current version.”

    My 2008 Quick Books Pro went down due to the RemoteAssist.exe file and still is down. Customer Support is really sales, upselling to new version for 159.95 or paying 80 for tech support help. Customer service call center was in India. Looks like the outsourcing to save money also is connected to customer’s paying for service as opposed to Intuit backing up their own product. Seems unethical from my point of view and at the very least POOR customer support.

  54. I’m in the UK, and have to agree with the folk here– Quickbooks is a great product, but Intuit are the most dreadful company I’ve ever had to deal with.

    The only thing I’ve been depending on QuickBooks for is the payroll system, for which we now pay a monthly subscription. Changes to tax rates and codes, personal allowances data, and other relevant information announced in the UK government’s annual budget are all taken care of by a software update, allowing Quickbooks to process monthly payroll payments and tax deductions, and submit end-of-year returns to the governments online system, all automatically and with the minimum fuss.

    However, prior to 2010, the annual fee for these updates was 85 GBP which I always paid as a lump sum. When I called to renew in January this year I was quoted 281 GBP from now on, to be paid monthly, no options. I expressed my horror at the sudden and unannounced 280 per cent increase, only to be advised by an unsympathetic Indian robot that Intuit had “reviewed its policy carefully and determined that most customers were happy to pay the new price for a service which they felt had previously been sold ‘too cheap’, and that they would review their charging policy at the end of the year based on customer feedback”!

    Having had no prior warning of this change in price and policy I had no choice but to renew my subscription. Since then, I have been trialling an alternative product (which does the same for around 50 GPB per year) and am reluctant to renew my Payroll subscription with Intuit at the end of this year.

    However, does anybody know, if I cancel my Quickbooks Payroll subscription, whether I will still be able to access my historic payroll records stored within Quickbooks, or will it all disappear when they ‘hack’ my installation to turn it all off??!

    A ‘pay-now-or-lose-it-all’ policy wouldn’t surprise me at all so far as Intuit goes, but I’m NOT going to be taken twice by this dreadful company if I can help it.

  55. If you cancel your QB payroll subscription you LOSE any access you had, so be sure it’s all recorded.

    QB is an okay product (bloated and anything you REALLY want for it is EXTRA and a MONTHLY charge.) — even things like ‘attaching documents’ to a client folder ‘extra monthly charge.’ Really? and I only get up to 100 mb of storage? What kind of 1980’s server is that? Thus, for my 2,000 clients my pictures/pdfs have to be absurdly tiny.

    ridiculous. They’re HINDERING me from growing larger because they just want MORE $$.

    I already pay $100 per month to QB for BASIC stuff (payroll, online cc processing, etc.) isn’t that enough? In addition to QB, I also need a software to RUN my business. You’d think for $100 – $300.00 per month I could get that ANYWHERE.

    QB gang rapes you and then emails your mom the photos. It’s horrible.

    Anyone use anything better?

  56. Are you all saying that in a year or so my quickbooks 2006 will stop working completely as they turn my system off. If so what if I disconnect the computer it is installed on off from the internet. how can they turn it off then? Or have they installed a timebomb in the program to stop it working. This would interest UK Trading standards officials of whom 2 are good customers of mine

  57. Just want to add my endorsement of those above who have called Intuit’s treatment of customers unethical and near-predatory. Like many above, I find Intuit’s products useful but I hate the company.

    I was charged $302 yesterday for a QB support plan renewal that I did not authorize. They could have sent an email or two a month ago asking me to opt-in, or at least offering me the chance to opt-out. Instead, I have to fight their system to get my refund in 7 business days.

    I have used Quicken, QB and Turbotax for years (Quicken for 15 years). Every year or two Intuit does something like this to me. They only care about money, not customers.

    I have looked hard in the past for alternative software (for Linux OS). I’ve examined all the alternatives, and they weren’t quite there yet. But I will redouble my efforts and look forward to the day when I can escape the clutches of Intuit. I already use Sage Peachtree for one of my other businesses.

  58. I could tell you some stories from the inside I worked there but I signed a confidentiality agreement, if you guys only knew i’m pretty sure 98 % of intuit customers would never do business with them again.

  59. What I will say is that the technical consultants at Intuit are really sales agent with very high quota’s to meet daily. We must sell hundreds of dollars worth of products , subscriptions and add-ons daily or risk being yelled at verbally abused and threatned with termination.

    ****Please be kind to your technical representative if they are nice to you and buy whatever they pitch to you and then call back the next day to cancel. Please, you have no idea the hell we catch if we do not meet our quota. Even though Intuit has a sales department- technical support and customer service representatives have a sales quota as well, a very high one. Note this does not apply if the technical support representative is rude. If they are hang up on them.****

    Believe me many of the employees are/were disgusted by the internal practices of Intuit and quit daily. Employee turnover in my office is 90%. In other locations it is much higher. Only three people from my training class of 27 when I started 6 months ago are still there, and because so many people quit now, Intuit just replaces them highschool dropouts with no tech support background at all. Also Intuit provides very little to no training. Knowing how to turn on a computer and a willingness to misrepresent and exaggerate products and their features are the only test of competency they require.

    This is why you get representatives that are crude and unknowledgble. Now I am not saying that the ones that claim to have graduated from college are any brighter, or that all representatives are that bad but buyer beware**** The company culture at intuit is rude and crude, and they think that they can treat customers the way they treat employees and now they are finding out they are sadly mistaken!

  60. I bought QB Premier 2006 on eBay. Called Intuit to register. The woman gave me the numbers. Next day I had to remove QB2006. After re-installing, it asked me to call to register. They had no record of my registering, and would not give me an activation code. They said it is not their policy to give a code to a product that had previously been registered in another name.

    I talked to three people. Lady #1 – Very nice but couldnt help. Lady #2 – Useless and bad attitude. Last person was a male manager named Matthew who talked to me like I was five years old. Another horrible attitude towards customer service. He told me I was not their master and they were not my slave!!! All I wanted them to do was reissue the activation code the original customer service person gave me. They would not do it. I basically ripped Matthew a new one and hung up. I will never do business with Intuit again.

  61. I should not have to upgrade to access my files……. I paid for the software, why do I need to continue to pay for it.

    I think they are writing code into to software to make it stop working so you have to pay more money to get to your
    own files.

    Who owns my information me or QB? I’m goin to the US Attorney General, I suggest you do too.

    I’m looking for another accounting program any suggestions? Is peach Tree any good?


  62. Quickbooks is definitely running a predatory business. I have been charged $234 in unauthorized support charges ($39 a month billed on my credit card) I purchased the product, Quickbooks for Mac 2010, for $127.47 on the phone through Intuit, but never said it was ok to bill me for reoccurring support charges. I’ve almost paid double the amount of the product in 6 past months. I’m trying to reach customer service to get this resolved and the charges removed, but no one seems to be available. I will continue to call and hope to get my money back. I am self employed and run the business on my own and can not believe a company thinks billing what would $468 a year for support on a $127 product is ok business practice. I’m hopeful to get my refund as some of the others have on this post.

  63. my complaint is their sales staff intentionally tells you that if you upgrade, a specific problem you are having will go away — and they know it will not! I hate liars and cheats. And this is just what Intuit is becoming. I was told today that if I upgraded my QB 2009 to 2011 it would interface with the Excel 2010 that is on my new computer. So, like a fool I did. I subsequently called their tech support to ask why it wasn’t working and they told me my Excel 2010 was corrupt & had to reinstall the software. (ok, i continued to be a dummy and did this too). Only when nothing still worked I called yet a 3rd time and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was then informed QB 2011 is not compatible with Excel 2010 (it has to be 2007 or below). I spent my whole day working on this (i’m self-employed). I’m going to put a complaint into the better business bureau and I’m writing my congressman and senator about their deceitful practices. I think this should be illegal.

  64. Another victim of Intuit here….

    I’ve been using QB 6.0 (2000) and Quicken 99. My ancient computer failed, so I got a new computer and installed an old Windows operating system specifically so my Intuit programs would still work.

    I re-installed QB 6.0 just fine using the original code# during the installation/registration process.

    However, upon re-installation of Quicken 99, the registration window displayed a different serial# than what it gave me during the original installation years ago. It then required me to input a new/different customer# to complete registration and to prevent the program from shutting down after 10 uses.

    After several emails back and forth with Intuit, they are refusing to issue me a customer# that will complete the registration process. Instead, they tell me to purchase Quicken 2011 using some nightmare process to convert my old files by downloading several versions of Quicken until I can finally get my data successfully converted and working on the latest version.

    I am so furious that they have denied me the right to continue to use the program that I had purchased!

    As for my QB 6.0 program, I can see by reading the previous comments that I am very fortunate that it still works. I will hang on to that disk for dear life and will never upgrade as long as I can help it.

    I stopped paying for their payroll tax updates years ago because I was sick of the price hikes. I manually input the payroll data and am happy not to give this company another dime.

    What a disgusting company Intuit is.

  65. Update: Just got another reply from Intuit in very broken English, and I was provided with two numbers to use. The first number was my original number which I already said in several emails was no longer valid. The second number provided was also invalid. I guess he just made it up out of thin air.

    I give up. As I said before, what a disgusting company Intuit is.

  66. My goodness. In all of this time, there isn’t someone who can produce software to do small business accounting? I had the same (bad) experience as many of those above, and it is now almost 2013. This has been going on for years. Would it really be that hard for a company to produce a viable alternative? I am sure the startup would have many customers, based upon this, and other blogs I see on the Internet. Notice the postings are nearly all negative. There are no defenders of this awful company. No web form contact for customer service, no email or fax for customer service, requirement to call them to register their software, database designed so it doesn’t work on a server without their support, full-court press to buy support and other products from the time they say “Hello.”

    • “In all of this time, there isn’t someone who can produce software to do small business accounting?”

      Yes. After years of using QuickBooks for my one-man consulting company, and using Quicken for my personal accounting, I became troubled by:

      1. The necessity of frequent upgrades with no significant increase in functionality.
      2. The “lock-in” of having my financial data in a proprietary format.

      A year ago, I found a free package called “GnuCash”. No, I am not associated with the project in any way, other than as a satisfied user (I use it for both my professional and personal accounting). Unlike some free products, it has the capability of downloading user financial account data from many financial institutions (eg, AmEx, Chase, Citi, Schwab). GnuCash lacks the polish of Intuit’s products, but is over ten years old and is reliable.

      Export from Quicken to GnuCash is fairly easy; export from older versions of QuickBooks is a bit more difficult: I made QuckBooks print a detailed ledger report to a file, and then massaged that.

  67. I have/had QB pro 2003, but even though it still worked fine for me one day a counter appeared that said i had 10 uses left then i could not access the software i paid for & was working perfectly well ever again, so i called them & was told they no longer support my version & would need to upgrade. I told them i havnt used your support EVER so i dont need it now. Again i was told i needed to upgrade, I told them that if they locked me out of my software they would NEVER see another dime from me. Well i am now locked out of it, i made the last 10 logins last as long as possible, by not ever closing QB’s but you can only do that so long with power outages & dang window updates…I may go back to keeping books on a ledger, i know i will keep books on a ledger before QB’s ever gets any of my business again.

  68. I have installed quickbooks on computers hundreds of times. I have found that their products are difficult to install to say the least. I usually have to go online and download QB because the disks they send out seem to fail quit often. Personally I believe this is by design. They are the hardest company to deal with. Unfortunately they are huge, and they use their size to push people around. I am not a fan at all.

  69. I fully agree with everything said here. They have become so large they think they can puch people around. Well as fast as you grew you can dwindle away. So I recommend watching your self loathing attitudes and getting it straight as to who holds the key to your success!!

  70. SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is the message that appears when I try to open Quicken after updating to Q2016 and downloading the bug fixer from the WEB site. My 2014 worked just fine. I left a message on what I thought was the Intuit WEB site and a guy (Mark) called me back in about an hour and, after interrogating my PC (Win7) he told me he’d fix it for $100. What’s up with that? Intuit screws up me computer and then wants $100 to fix it? Did Intuit move to Romania or what? I found out only days later that the Intuit window was actually a ransom virus called Sidestepping.exe

    Mark’s phone # = 1-888-981-6632
    E-mail address =

    I went to these two WEB sites below but they were no help at all.

    Finally, I got on the Quicken volunteer chat line. Those volunteers are worth every penny they are paid. What a collection in rude, surely creeps. The first day on the chat line, the chat site was not working properly so 90% of my messages never went though. Those that did were confusing the issue since I was making reference to a message that were never sent.

    Finally, one guy who was more anal-retentive than the rest told me I was sending conflicting information and that I needed to make up my mind. I told him that there is no need to be rude. This virus came from the Intuit WEB site. It was the only WEB site I was on that day. I am happy to send a copy of my browser history to confirm what I have written. Yesterday I tried to give the step by step scenario but most of what I typed never want through. I had been unable to respond most of yesterday afternoon. Almost every time I typed a message and clicked ‘send’ the message disappeared and was never sent. Therefor, I unintentionally confused the issue because only bits and pieces of what I was writing was getting through. Henceforth, I will type into Notepad and copy and paste until it all goes through.

    As instructed, I checked the SSL settings in IE. In Seamonkey, there is no SSL option that I can see. TSL1.0 and TSL1.1 are checked while TSL1.2 is not.

    Here is what transpired. I used 2016 for about a week without incident. However, each time I opened it there was a nag window advising that I should ‘click here’ for a bug fix. I ignored it. On Wednesday of this week I went to download data from my bank for the first time since installing 2016 and I was denied access so then I clicked that ‘click here’ window. Nothing seemed to happen. I tried the bank again with no luck. I closed out Quicken and restarted. The ‘click here’ window was gone but a new one advised me to download the Q2016 MONDO patch. That was the first time I had seen THAT window. I downloaded the patch and restarted Quicken. I was immediately brought to the Intuit WEB and instructed to change my password which I did. When tried to log in I received the SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR: message.

    I reset Control Panel>Internet Options Privacy, Security and Advanced tabs to their defaults and I QCleanui.exe for clean install. No change. I rebooted in save/network mode, still no change. I asked , ”What if I uninstall Q2016 and reinstall Q2013?” No response.

    Four hours and no further response. So far Intuit has been a major disappointment to me. I never should have purchased and installed Q2016. Q2013 & 4 were working just fine without a hitch. The virus came from the Intuit WEB site and the message function of the Intuit WEB site was malfunctioning that day (5/05/2016) so the Quicken help person got only bits and pieces of what I was trying explain. Therefore, the person trying to help maybe thought I was goofing around I guess and he (or she) got very rude with me. Not only was I a victim of an Intuit spawned virus but I was also a victim of an improperly managed WEB site and now I’ve been abandoned and cut adrift to fend for myself. It must be nice to be the only game in town. I’m glad I found an ‘Intuit sucks’ blog.

    Finally I got a response telling me that this is the first time a virus was mentioned. Well, yeah, it is the first mention of a virus that I was able to send it out because of the malfunction of the Intuit message site that I was using on Wednesday. It is not the first time I’ve ATTEMPTED to mention a virus and it is a crafty virus indeed. It is blocking me from every attempt so far to load and execute AVG. In safe/network mode I can download the AVG.exe from their WEB site but that will not execute in safe mode. It will execute in regular mode and load the AVG program but implementation gets hung after a few seconds and will go no further.

    I begged them to provide a link to a WEB site that will scan my PC and maybe tell me what’s going on and how to fix it short of reformatting my HD and reinstalling Win7. I am not able to pay my bills until this is resolved.

    The answer from Intiut:

    Neither one would work because the virus blocked them both.

    Finally, I accidentally found suggested by Within ten minutes I was back and functioning. What a relief and no thanks at all to Intujit. It is unlikely I will ever update my Quicken again and I’m hoping to find an open source alternative.

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