New Article: Towards a Personal Style

Anyone can do the craft. Only the individual has the unique personality to build a point of view. Al Weber

Nature Photographers Online Magazine has published my new article Towards a Personal Style in their December 2008 issue. Click here to read the article on the Nature Photographers website, or click here to download the pdf.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “New Article: Towards a Personal Style

  1. Hi Laurent! Thanks for looking and reading!

    I’ve been sitting on this new banner image for only 3.5 years 🙂 I made it in Glen Nevis, Scotland (below UK’s highest Ben Nevis) in May 2005. It is a panoramic, but you’re seeing only a partial crop here to fit the blog parameters.

    I ascended Ben Nevis the day before this photograph. I returned to hopefully capture the same ultra-foggy conditions, but alas, the conditions weren’t quite as soupy as the day before.


  2. Very powerful article, Michael! It’s a philosophy I think all serious photographer should seriously consider when reviewing their own work.
    I like the new blog design too!


  3. Thank you, Guy!

    If you can believe it, I changed the blog design to overcome a WordPress CSS glitch. My font face and size was inconsistent, and I had no control over it. Changing the blog design did the trick! I was bored of the old design, so this one will work nicely for a little while.

  4. Had a chance to read the article on my trip to the UK. Good stuff and definitely worth the read. I liked how you outlined the individual points but the last one on being patient resonated the most with me. Cheers!

  5. Vision is really just polished curiosity. It’s amazing how many of us just look at the same stuff – not really looking. Mundane photographs certainly reflect this. Great photographs have to be anything but ordinary. Hell, they can be strange and jolting – like a slow, soft punch in the face. Just not ordinary.


  6. Vision is really just polished curiosity

    Elegantly stated, and absolutely correct, Chris.

    As a relative side note: even though my wife is not a photographer, through my photography she has learned to see subjects AND light with genuine curiosity (often even suggesting that I make particular photographs that she sees when we’re in the field together).

    Innate curiosity bypasses the regurgitation of well-trodden subjects and themes. For the visually curious, the world is an oyster!

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Chris!

  7. Michael: well thought out and written article addressing a difficult subject matter. The scripture left me deep in thought. And as not be disrespectful with a 5 word comment; and you can quote me or feel free to use the line”Your mind is your first limit line”. Thanks as always for the inspiration!!! johnny brown

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