One-on-One Photography Workshops

My workshop client, David, seen here in Rock Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierra

My workshop client, David, seen here in Rock Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierra

In recent weeks I have conducted two private one-on-one workshops with two great clients, David (Style and Vision) and Larry (Introduction to Large Format Photography). Private workshops are a great way to maximize your investment, as the focus is exclusively one ONE individual. These can be high-intensity and detail-packed workshops, but I cannot think of a better way to learn.

Guy Tal and I have not conducted any group workshops in 2008 (Gordon-Tal Photographic Workshops), and it is uncertain when we will resume them (largely due to competing professional and personal interests, not to mention geography issues [I’m in California, Guy is in Utah]. If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines for a group workshop, I highly suggest that you look into private instruction with myself or Guy.

David, seen in the photograph above, had this to say about our recent weekend together:

The weekend was the most intensive photo experience since one of my NZ trips about 10 years ago. I was especially impressed with your conscientious preparation and attention to my aims and needs. It was a rare display of professionalism…you have earned a source of business referrals for life.

Thank You, David!

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