NO to Loaded and Concealed Guns in Our National Parks!

Yosemite National Park ©2002 Michael E. GordonOne of the stupidest most ridiculous ideas of all time is being considered at this moment by our federal government. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is pushing the feds to allow LOADED and CONCEALED guns in our national parks, wildlife refuges and monuments under the ruse of “safety”. Folks, it goes without saying, if you feel unsafe somewhere, please don’t go there. So, NRA administrators and members, if the parks, refuges, and monuments seem unsafe to you, the easy answer is not to modify the current and sufficient laws – just stay home and polish your weapons. Our national parks, wildlife refuges and monuments are some of the safest places to be and to spend time and we would like them to stay that way.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: here’s an easy way to send your concerned comments to multiple agencies and officials with one click. Please act now.

Additional reading and viewing:
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CNN article
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What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “NO to Loaded and Concealed Guns in Our National Parks!

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  2. It’s funny Michael, here in Israel when you go with a group you have to have someone with a gun!!! We don’t even have the NRA, just a region where guns are a way of life and the cute blond girl next to you on the bus is jabbing you with her M16.

    What I see in the states though is that there are more and more people who prey on those who go into the periphery of the park system. More and more meth in the U.S. too. It’s funny, I did a search for crime in our National Parks and found far too many statistics. However, I have never believed in fighting fire with fire (though they do do that don’t they!), and having a loaded weapon in far too many cases by people who have not gone through the military, is way too dangerous. Yet that being said, I really don’t have a solution. Perhaps better schools, less junk food, and better morals. All people should have the right to feel safe in our Parks no matter where they may be. J

  3. Hi Jamie: the NRA and other proponents would have you believe that this proposal actually has something to do with safety, but there’s no basis for their claim. The most recent NPS statistics available are for 2006, and of 272.5 MILLION user visits in 391 National Park units, there were only 11 homicides; 35 rapes or attempted rapes; 61 robberies; and 261 aggravated assaults. This is fairly easy math to do: you’d have nearly as good a chance as getting struck by lightning or attacked by a mountain lion.

    I believe that people should feel safe, but also believe that agoraphobics should stay at home 🙂 Permitting loaded and concealed weapons in our National Parks will do nothing to increase visitor safety, and Americans shouldn’t be misled by the NRA-favoring members of the Senate. It’s despicable and plain wrong.

    Please Jamie, don’t get me started on public schools, morals, and parenting! 🙂

    Thanks for your perspective.

  4. I totally agree with you 100% Michael. When you put two in-bred gun-toting goons in the same room with a gun, one or both are going to get shot 100% of the time. That is russian roulette, not safety. If people were genuinely concerned for their safety, take self-defense classes and learn to fight with your brains.

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