Arnold Schwarzenegger: Go Back to Hollywood

No More Arnold SchwarzeneggerThanks for your service, Arnold, but we Californians have had enough of you.

Please do me a favor, Governor Schwarzenegger, and place in your hand a 2005 California State quarter. You’ll notice that this coin prominently features Yosemite Valley’s world famous Half Dome, our imperiled California Condor, our famous conifers, and the Grandfather of Conservation, John Muir (you could learn a lot from his leadership and values, Mr. Schwarzenegger). Please note that nowhere on this coin will you find the Hollywood sign, cityscapes, toll roads and freeways, or power lines. Why? Because we Californians value most our natural places, open spaces, and the tremendous scenery and beauty of our great state. Why then, do you insist on representing the interests of big business and developers instead of protecting our natural resources?

You have the nerve to propose closing 48 of our California State Parks due to your administration’s financial failures; you booted Bobby Shriver and Clint Eastwood from the State Park and Recreation Commission because they were opposed to a toll road that you supported – one that would needlessly slice through a State Park; and now this: your pressing of State regulators to allow massive power lines to cut through Anza-Borrego – California’s largest state park.

With all due respect, Arnold, what in the hell are you thinking? We Californians DO NOT support your proposed State Park closures; we DO NOT approve of your toll roads cutting through our open spaces; and we DO NOT approve of power lines cutting through our state parks. Where are the discussions of conservation? This is the foremost fundamental item any sound leader would and should discuss. However, instead of encouraging more drivers to carpool to lessen freeway congestion, you take the easy path and promote a damaging tollroad; instead of encouraging San Diegan’s to conserve and use less energy, you promote an unnecessary power line through our great Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

It’s time to look at reality, Arnold: California (especially Southern) cannot continue with this breakneck pace of growth and resource consumption. Like your administration, our state is headed for long-term failure if it continues down this path.

To my California readers: I encourage you to voice your concerns with the Governor’s office. Email Arnold or send snail mail to:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

You can also express your disgust by phone or fax:
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160

Thank you. As always, I solicit your comments on this topic.

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13 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger: Go Back to Hollywood

  1. Dude! Arnold needs to go! He has some real stupid issues and they’re kind of laughable! What an idiot!

    BTW, closing the state parks is the Republican way! Our ex-Governor Sunquist did that for a few months during his LAST term. This is a tactic to punish the people that do not conform to their ideals.

    It’s just too funny how Republican stronghold states in the south can have a Democrat for Governor! Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina have Dems for Governors but have voted Republican for the last 8-years plus! I just don’t understand. I just hope this changes for the next election.

  2. Hey Michael,

    Great post man, and all the best with getting California moving in a more healthy direction sometime soon. The whole ideaology of ‘more efficient ways to progress’ is fundamentally flawed in that it’s underlying premise is ‘more’ .. and a finite world only contains so many ‘mores’. The sooner we start thinking ‘enough’, the better. Sounds like ‘enough’ is a good word for Arnie’s Governorship, too.



  3. Well, Here is my take. Granted, I think that Arnold needs to go as Governor of the Peoples Republic of California, he is NO Republican. He is a RINO – Republican In Name Only. He is more of a Democrat than anything else. We do need to have more ways to produce more power and energy in this state. The population seems to be growing, but our power supply seems to be stagnant to shrinking. Only one new power plant and a couple of small peaker plants, this won’t work. We also need to have more general use lanes on our freeways, not more carpool lanes and trains that hardly anyone uses. Let’s start using our tax dollars more efficiently and in the right direction. I am tired of having lightly used carpool lanes and trains shoved down our throats.

    I don’t think that the toll roads fit the California lifestyle, our gas taxes are supposed to pay for and maintain our roads, but the State Legislature keeps robbing the kitty for their own mis-spendings. They need to control their own budgetary habits.

  4. Hi Chris: Thanks for your thoughts. My general stance on “Republican vs. Democrat” is that these tags do far more harm than good. Rather than focusing on getting things done for the betterment of the people and society, the parties squabble incessantly over their differences and accomplish little. The ‘US vs. THEM’ thing will have to end if we are to ever see truly meaningful change.

    Inevitably, the system we see advancing is one of PAY to PLAY. When the population base increases faster than the construction of highways and the funds needed to build them, pay-to-play lanes like FASTTRAK and toll roads will come to the fore. Those willing to pay a premium for faster travel times will, while the rest will agonize in two hour long commutes. The solution is not more highways and cheaper gas; it’s rethinking the way Southern California lives and works. And for this we need progressive and forward-thinking leadership – Arnold isn’t the one who can deliver this.

    I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have one: “The California Lifestyle” will and must end. We cannot continue to do things in the future in as we always have. The car culture and automotive independence has long-term viability only when our planet is healthy and oil is infinite.

    It’s time to let go of our car culture past and move towards mass transit. It’s inevitable.

  5. long commute times in So Cal are inevitable given how miserable of a place L.A. is. The school districts are a joke. It’s not safe to stand in your front yard. It’s expensive. It’s too big. Too many people here illegally. So most people live in the suburbs or further. Unfortunately the higher profile jobs are in L.A. and the West Side so many commute.

  6. Hi Richard: my point is that commuting is going to have to scale back if people hope to retain any semblance of ‘quality of life’. There are a great deal of office jobs that can easily be converted to non-commuting home-office jobs. Studies have shown that this is not only a better situation for the employee, but for the employer as well. What is the point of commuting to a place of work where there is no face to face contact with customers? These types of jobs can be carried out successfully anywhere.

  7. It is amazing to see how Californians are blaming Mr Arnold for all the economy problems going on here in CA, when the real person responsible for all the mess is George W. Bush Jr.! Is there any governor in the USA that has been able to achieve his goals in favor of the community besides Bobby Jindal of the State of Louisiana? It is like people can only see what is in front of them but not the whole picture. Everywhere in the USA the government is broken!!! Arnold is not only an Icon in the USA, He is a star! I admire him and always will because at least he is not a thief. The problem is that while there are some that love to forget, people like George Bush that have done nothing but a mess in the country. On the other side there are many others who think is a better idea to remember the few bad things Arnold has done in a so broken economy that left nothing but a terrible inheritance to Mr President Barack Obama.

  8. Hi Jack: I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

    Just to be clear, my post transcends the current economy and state of affairs. I agree, it’s a mess and it was handed down to Obama and Arnold. However, the State’s inability to keep it’s finances in order should NOT result in the closure of State Parks. It’s times like these when public open space and State Park’s are as valuable as ever.

    Closing our State Parks will not repair California’s economy. Given that my post is nearly one year old now and our SP’s are still open, it’s quite clear to me that our state government has also wisely realized this 😉 I’m sure that the public backlash was also a contributor.

    I say enough cuts to education, the arts, and our Parks. It’s high time that some of the fat and bureaucracy is trimmed out of Sacramento and local government.

  9. While reading the comments people have made it strikes me that no matter how we humans try, it’s as if we all have our own personal blinders on. With every one coming in with the accumulated version of what they have experienced and where the present state of the mind and soul reside, is it any wonder we have created such a mess? Take the state where I reside for instance. Oregon has many things going for it but despite it’s observances of it’s neighbor to the south, It too has more or less chosen to follow in the “growth at all costs”path. The main thing has to be education. At least with all of us being better informed and educated, Our collective “blinders” will lead us to more enlightened chaos. I am soothed by the life and works of people like 90 year old Pete Seager who by example show us what could be. I don’t know though- we’ve got some serious damn troubles. It may be that nature will relieve us of the burden we’ve become. At any rate Michael, you are fighting the good fight.

    • hey there- I find I’m checking in to your sight every so often. Can we see more dialogue on photography? I’m not busting your butt here because much of what is being said needs to be said but what about “thoughts on the art and craft of photography” Either way I’ll still log in. Peace.

  10. I am a California State Employee, and I am sick of where this guy is leading our state. He and his cronies are dumping misinformation left and right and are convincing the Intelligence Challenged that his way is the only way to go.

    Let me tell you some sad truths:

    Do you know how we identify criminal illegal aliens?
    -Their California State Benefits Cards!

    If that doesn’t work, we look for their check stubs, do you know what every check stub I have ever encountered has said?
    -Witholding – Zero

    Don’t let someone with an agenda fool you into believing that illegals are helping this state, Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) just deported 500, and it was the first time the jail wasn’t overflowing in 15 years.

    A good friend of my is a Corrections Officer, and he shared with me some of his biggest complaints…

    Why do inmates get free law libraries?

    Free healthcare? (better than you or I will ever get)

    Free television?

    Free food? Toliletries? Etc?

    The right to communicate with each other?

    The right to just sit in there and not work at our expense?

    There are plenty of inequities in this State, these are the few that I am most familiar with. It is time the state cuts those areas that need to be cut, like entitlements to convicted criminals and those who don’t help the system, and begin spending the money on the education of those who will one-day support the system, our children.

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