New Website, and a Big Thank You

Michael E. Gordon Photography 2008 Website

I would like to give great thanks and praise to Wide Range Galleries, the developers of my beautiful new website. Jack Brauer and Jesse Speer of Wide Range Galleries are an expert team in both design and programming and are both exceptionally easy to work with, flexible, and were easily accommodating of my ideas and needs. A powerful database engine runs the backend of the new site, and here Jack’s programming talents really shine. Updating and maintaining it is a breeze. I think you’ll also agree that Jesse’s design is top-notch and I’m thrilled with the new look. If you are a photographer in need of a website, I very highly recommend you speak with Jack and Jesse.

Not only are Jack Brauer and Jesse Speer expert web developers, they’re superb Colorado-based photographers! I highly recommend you visit their websites.

Jack and Jesse – I appreciate your talents and effort. Thank You!

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5 thoughts on “New Website, and a Big Thank You

  1. Mike: The site looks great! I am still working on mine (I actually asked Jack for some help) and seem to be getting closer though it opens very slowly and is missing some essential elements.

    I really love the fact that you are still doing large format. It is not the format that is important in my eyes, but the contemplative nature that seems so interwoven with large format. The only thing I can compare it to in small camera photography (scp!) is macro work.

    All the best! Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie! Thank you for your comment on my new website!

    I’m aware that many large format photographers have left large format for the ease and convenience of digital. Despite the ever-increasing resolution of DSLR’s, there is NO other camera format that offers the perspective and focus control or the distinct look of large format. For me, it isn’t just about sheer resolution, and a photograph like this one ( should make that clear.

    Thanks, Jamie!

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for the kind review! I’m glad you’re stoked on the site; I think it’s easily one of the most beautiful sites I’ve working on, thanks to Jesse.

    You’ve got a good point about the large format focus control. I’m a big fan of the sheer resolution and haven’t experimented much yet with focus control like in your example. I’m going to start experimenting more with this, especially with closeup subjects.

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